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Everything You Need To Know About Richard Allen Delphi's Murders

The small Indiana town was shaken in 2017 when the news of the murders of Delphi Teens  Abigail ‘Abby’ Williams and Liberty ‘Libby’ German was circulated. And now when the killings went on unsolved for five years, it leaves the impact of interest in the case all around the world. It was a disturbing and unforgettable case that leaves mysterious questions like, who killed Abby and Libby? And who is richard allen delphi indiana? This article is all about diving into the details of the case to discover all the relayed twists and information about it. 

What Was The Case Evolving Around Richard Allen Delphi?

Libby and Abby, two young children, disappeared from view on February 13, 2017, while traveling and hiking over the Monon High Bridge Trail in Delphi, Indiana. The next day, their lifeless corpses were found in a forested region around 0.5 miles away from the trail.

It has been years since the police officials have kept hidden the reason behind the children’s sudden demise as well as specifics about the crime scene and what they actually saw on the crime scene, but the truth has never been revealed. Even so, a search warrant application that was obtained in regard with richard allen delphi and shared with the media in May by the podcast The Murder Sheet revealed startling new information regarding the killings.

The request, which was partially redacted and submitted by an FBI agent looking into the 2017 killings, was intended to search Ronald Logan’s residence in the area.

What Happened To Libby And Abby?

The agent disclosed that the girls had lost quite a lot of blood during their demise, and it is suspected that their murderer staged and rearranged their corpses before removing a souvenir from the location.

The warrant also made it clear for the first time that a weapon of some kind had been used to kill the teenagers. The document’s weapon’s wording was censored. Considering that “the victims at the crime scene lost a large amount of blood,” the murderer would have been covered in blood after the murders.

Blood on the criminal’s person or clothing is nearly a certainty, considering the extent of the victim’s injuries.

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Footage Of The Suspect

Libby had shared pictures of her and Abby strolling down the route on Snapchat the day the kids vanished. It is thought that this joyful picture of the two closest friends was taken just before they passed away.

Libby also took a blurry phone video of a man strolling along the deserted train bridge wearing blue pants, a blue jacket, and a cap, which helped to advance the inquiry. An unsettling audio recording of the man asking the two girls to “go down the hill” and a blurry picture from the video were made public by the investigators.

About The Suspect: Richard Allen Delphi

The suspect, Richard Allen Delphi was forty-four years old at the time of the killings and before the deaths of the young girls, the 50-year-old resided with her family in Delphi, a small, tightly-knit community of about 3,000 people.

The family of Richar Allen Delphi murders richard allen lives in a neighborhood southwest of the Monon High Bridge, and it takes less than a minute to get there from the scene of Libby and Abby’s deaths. Mr. Allen has lived in Delphi since at least 2006 and has lived in Indiana his whole adult life according to the information available on the internet. 

Richard Allen Delphi is a proficient pharmacy technician who was blessed with an adult daughter through his marriage to Kathy. He obtained his most current pharmaceutical license in February 2018, which was one year after the killings.

Arrest Of Richard Allen Delphi

Richard Allen Delphi was employed at the neighborhood CVS shop at the time of his arrest, where he frequently interacted with locals. Mike and Becky Patty, Libby’s grandparents, noted that Mr. Allen processed their pictures at the business. 

Sympathizing with the victims’ families, CVS promised to offer all support it could in the investigation. It has now emerged that the suspected killer casually snapped a cheerful shot over one of the police drawings of the slain suspect, raising his hands in the air. 

A frightening image of Mr. Allen and his spouse, taken in a Delphi neighborhood pub in December 2021, was shared on Facebook by Richard Allen Delphi wife wife Kathy. The 2019 police sketch is on the wall behind him. Mr. Allen resembles the illustration somewhat.

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The Chilling Selfie

The selfie was shared on social media in the same month that authorities launched a new call for information on an internet account believed to be used for catfishing that was made public. 

Before being detained on charges of double homicide, Richard Allen Delphi murders didn’t seem to have any past criminal activity. However, Mr. Allen is also listed as using the pseudonym Craigh Ross Rentfrow in the Carroll County Jail file.

An Odinist Cult: Story Twist

In a further development in the case, Mr. Allen’s lawyers shockingly stated that Libby and Abby were murdered by a white supremacist cult as a “ritualistic sacrifice.”

The 50-year-old alleged killer’s lawyers assert in dramatic court filings from September that the heinous 2017 killings were committed by followers of the pagan Norse religion and white supremacist organization known as Odinists.

The shocking 135-page paper claimed that the nature of the murder scene indicated the involvement of a cult from the beginning.

According to the records, Libby and Abby’s bodies were staged with sticks and tree branches arranged over them in the form of pagan symbols, which “resembled possible Odinism signatures left behind at the crime scene.”

Winding Up!

A huge cloud of creators of content and true crime podcasters has also been sparked by the case. After receiving the stolen murder scene images, a few individuals, notably podcasters and husband and wife pair Áine Cain and Kevin Greenlee, started receiving personal assaults and abuse for their reporting on the case. These were all the details we have covered regarding the case of Richard Allen Delphi.

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