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Dinah Mattingly Wife of Famous ex-NBA Star Larry Bird

Being a public figure is way too cruel, most of the very celebrities put a lot of effort into avoiding the paparazzi. Here we are going to see the life of dinah mattingly who came into the limelight in 1989 when she married the worldwide famous ex-NBA player Larry Bird. She is the second wife of Larry and they have been married since 1989. Together they have also adopted two children and a kid of Larry’s ex-wife. 

About Dinah Mattingly

About Dinah Mattingly

If we look over the life history of dinah mattingly and Larry Bird they both knew each other since their college life, however, at that time they were not in such an affair or relationship. Dinah Mattingly, who is Larry Bird’s wife, was born and raised in Vigo County, Indiana, United States, where she grew up with his siblings Doug Mattingly.

The couple had married back in 1989. She gained popularity as a wife who has given her faith in him and stepped ahead to make his journey easy and successful. Dinah is an American national of white ethnicity. Currently, the couple is living together in West Baden Springs, Indiana, United States.

 Larry’s wife dinah mattingly came into his life as a charm, as Larry is a prominent former professional basketball player, a coach, and an executive in the NBA (National Basketball Association). A former Boston Celtic, Larry Bird played for the team from 1979 to 1992 while this time he was supposed one of the most outstanding basketball players in the entire US.

Why is Dinah Mattingly so Famous?

The main reason for the popularity of dinah mattingly is she married the famous basketball player Larry Bird, his contribution to him is very significant in the timeline of the NBA. Currently, he is a well-known basketball coach. His wife dinah mattingly has been spotted right next to him in multiple sports events as well; she is very dominating in the career of her husband and supports him in each moment of his life. Apart from being a wife, she is a very dominating and loving mother.

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Career Journey of Larry Bird

If we talk about dinah mattingly’s husband Larry Bird, he has been a sports enthusiast since his childhood. He played basketball at an early age during his high school basketball team. By his tremendous performance, he also got a scholarship as a sports student and he went to Indiana State University.

He played and showed significant performance at the university. Through his hard work and dedication, he got selected for the Boston Celtics and Larry Bird became a full-time NBA player. As an NBA player, he won multiple tournaments and achieved multiple trophies. After his retirement as a basketball player, he became a coach to give guidance to the new youth who came into the sports world. 

How did their love story come out?

It was about the university time when Larry was playing at Indiana State University, dinah mattingly met him there, as she was studying at the same university it happened in early 80. They became friends and started spending time together at the same time dinah mattingly was supporting him in the success of his career.

Later or sooner they were in a relationship and that relationship converted into a marriage. The couple married in 1989 and since then they have been living together,  dinah mattingly is the second wife of Larry Bird. 

Children of Dinah Mattingly

The couple had married for over three decades, they don’t have any biological children so they have adopted two kids named Conner and Mariah Bird as well and she is the stepmother of Corrie Bird who was born with the first wife of Larry, Janet Condra. dinah mattingly and Larry Bird took care of them very well.

The first kid of Larry Bird, Corrie Bird married a few years back and started her married life. With her husband, she has been stopped in multiple gatherings. Moreover, the other kids of dinah mattingly and Larry Bird, have spotted them, as her daughter Mariah lives with them and has seen them in some sports events. If we talk about their son, there were some rumors that he got caught by the police and sent to prison, however, there is no significant information about it.

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Dinah Mattingly net worth

If we talk about the net worth of dinah mattingly is the wife of Larry Bird and owes a huge part of the property and some of the other assets. There is not any number that we can declare as the net worth of dinah mattingly. Moreover, it focuses on Larry. As per the reference to celebrity net worth. The collective achievement of his life is his journey as a sports person to being a sports personality Larry Bird net worth is over 75 million USD in the year 2023. 


If we look over the life of dinah mattingly, she is 68 years old in 2023. Her birthplace is Vigo County, Indiana, USA, and currently, she resides in West Badan Springs, Indiana USA. The Zodiac sign of her is Scorpio and she is a Christian by her religion. If we see the physics of her she is 5’5 inches tall with blond hair and brown eyes, dinah mattingly has two adopted kids and she married the famous basketball player Larry Bird. She attended Indiana State University where she met Larry. 

Summing Up

The wife of famous former basketball player Larry Bird married dinah mattingly in 1989. Dinah is the 2nd wife of Larry Bird and this couple lived together for over 3 decades. Larry has a kid with her first wife, after marrying dinah mattingly, together they adopted two kids, a son, and a daughter. Nowadays, dinah mattingly lives with Larry in their house in West Baden Springs, Indiana.

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