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It is always advised not to overburden your air conditioner, no matter how big or small. You must clean an AC’s filters, coils, and fans regularly if it is to continue working properly and efficiently throughout its lifespan. When essential maintenance is neglected, air conditioning efficiency declines over time, resulting in increased energy consumption. As a homeowner, you can perform basic maintenance on your equipment yourself. We’ve compiled a list of essential tips by GA Air Conditioning Repair experts that are easy and feasible for anyone to perform.

However, in case you find any of the following tasks difficult or risky, you must call a professional and should never attempt to work on the air conditioner yourself.  If you’re in charge of any of the maintenance, make sure to follow all safety precautions. Before performing any outside unit maintenance, turn off your electrical box.

Helpful Maintenance Tips By GA Air Conditioning Repair Experts

Inspect the thermostat closely.

This is probably the simplest part of air conditioner maintenance. Check that your thermostat is working properly and that your indoors have an ideal temperature.

According to experts, if you have an old mechanical thermostat, replace it with an advanced and updated one.

When no one is home, you can use a smart thermostat to get the desired temperature by simply turning on or turning up the air conditioner. This way, it can start cooling the house 30 minutes before people arrive home for the night.

If you do this, your home will always be a comfortable place to relax. You’ll also save money and energy by not running the air conditioner when no one is home or using it.

Consider installing an energy-tracking thermostat to keep track of your usage. Set daily cooling plans, monitor the results, and keep the money you’ve saved for emergencies.

Clean The Filter.

After getting an air conditioning installation service, replace or clean your AC’s filters regularly to ensure that it performs at its best. Clogged or dirty filters reduce the airflow of your system, lowering its overall efficiency. If the airflow is blocked, unhygienic air may bypass the filter and deposit directly on the coil’s heat-absorbing capability. Changing the filthy, clogged filter can reduce your air conditioner’s energy consumption by 5% to 15%.

Typically, you may find filters for central air conditioners anywhere along the return duct’s length. 

Clean the outside unit regularly.

A buildup of leaves, dirt and grass clippings can reduce the airflow and capacity of an air conditioner over time, making it less efficient and less comfortable to use. As a result, you must perform regular maintenance on the outer unit.

To begin, turn off the device’s power. You can do this on your outside unit or in your home’s main breaker panel.

You can then remove the debris with a garden hose. Work your way down from the top, keeping the hose at a 45-degree angle.

It is usually advised by professionals of air conditioner repair in Blairsville, GA, that you should not use a power washer because you risk damaging the machine. Be careful not to bend or damage the coil’s fragile fins.

As you trim shrubs and other vegetation around your air conditioning unit, they will be unable to block the air passage into and out of the unit if they do this.


According to GA air conditioning repair experts, a well-maintained air conditioner can keep you cool even on the hottest days. Another advantage is the ability to save money and resources.

The significance of professional air conditioner tune-ups twice a year cannot be overstated. The best time to service your furnace and air conditioner is before the cold weather arrives.

Regular maintenance is required to ensure that your air conditioner operates at peak efficiency.

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