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Gift for womens

Women’s Day is knocking on our doors and we can not help but wonder what to give to all the women we love in our lives. Women make such an integral part of our lives but we have a really hard time getting them the things that they absolutely deserve. Especially for Women’s day, a day dedicated to all the lovelies out there, we have a hard time figuring out the things that we can do to make them feel loved and happy. But the day is about them and for them and they deserve all the love that they can get.

They deserve to be shown how important they are and how they are the ones who form the centre of our world. The best way to show them that is by making an online flower delivery in ludhiana and letting them know immediately how important they are to us. But apart from just sending flowers to them, we can also do a few other things to show them our love.

One of the sweetest ways is to pour in some of our efforts to show them exactly how thankful we are to them. The ‘do it yourself’ gifts can fall under that category. So, here are a few things that you can absolutely give a shot when you are trying your hands on some handmade gifts.

Tassel Earrings

Earrings are anyway a big thing for the women. Most women adore beautiful jewellery. And to make some of that on your own, using your creativity has to be one of the most adorable gifts you can give them. Tassels are available in all shapes and sized and colours. Know what the women in your life like, know how they like to dress up and what colours they love. Figure out what shape and type you want your tassels to be and add a bit of hardware to turn those flows threads into statement accessories.

2. Embroidered Handkerchiefs

Handkerchieves are the most basic gifts ever. But the best way to turn something so simple into something really unique, is to make art on it. Thread embroidery is a very talked about and underrated art there can be. However, with your unique creativity and a little talent in sewing, you can absolutely turn a simple handkerchief into a piece to admire. Sew their initials, or an object that they adore. It is a very unique way to make something on your own. Send flowers to mumbai with the same and it just adds the right flair to your creativity.

3. Bath Fizzies

Bath fizzier are easy to make and feels wonderful to use. Mix the ingredients of epsom salt, baking soda, corn starch, citric acid together and mix it up with oil, water, essential oil and some colours if you want, but slowly. Stuff the mixture into silicone moulds as soon as possible and let the bath fizzier dry. These make for amazing gifts when the person is really in a need to detox the stress. These handmade bath bombs can become really great spa gifts.

4. Scented Candles

A really feel-good gift are scented candles. In this case, dip-dyed scented candles can also be aesthetically pleasing and great to smell. These gifts look great as minimalistic touch, also adding colour and good smell to their space. Melt the wax and add some essential oils to it to make these candles, dip dye the bottom of the candle to make it look really pretty. This makes for a really interesting gift and an amazing hamper to set the mood in a good tune.

5. Make A Flower Bouquet

Flowers are the prettiest thing Nature has ever created. And certainly, making bouquet out of the prettiest flowers that the women in your life adore and giving them the same has to be the best gift ever. If in any case, you are not able to make one on your own, make a flower bouquet online delivery and give a great surprise to the women in your life on their special day.

6. Photo Frames And Cases

For the women in your life, a sleek photo frame capturing the memories of your life with theirs can seem like a really sweet gift. Paint your memories on a canvas and attach it with a frame. A small rectangular or oval piece of handmade frame to hang on the wall to keep your memories intact and to remind them how much you love them is a lovely gift in itself.

7. Seed Bracelets

Another piece of jewellery but giving a fine touch to the gifting ceremony. A very unique way to show the women in your life just how much you love and appreciate them is to make some jewellery for them. Seed bracelets are now in trend and can give you the extra brownie point if you make them right. Glass beads and coloured seeds, a little bit of embroidery floss and a string to tie all of these together makes for an amazing piece of jewellery.

8. Flower Vase

With cardboard and a little bit of creativity, absolutely beautiful flower vases can be made. You will need some cardboard to start with, a pair of scissors, glue, and coloured chart papers. For some extra flaire, you will need quilling paper. Mix all of these items with your creativity and voila! You have a cute little flower vase. Make a flower delivery in Bengaluru and place these flowers in the vase to make it life-like.

For those who are really out of time, Bloomsvilla will come to you as a Superman. With online flower delivery all over India, this serves as a platform to ease the process, they have a great deal of flower collections that comes in affordable prices and in great quality. Give the women in your life the love they deserve with some of these gift ideas. Have a great and happy Women’s day!

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