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Welcoming a baby is exciting not only for parents but also for grandparents, aunts, and uncles alike. You’re bound to be elated for the women who are due in the coming weeks. One way that to celebrate this joy, in modern times, is by having a baby shower. It is the perfect party because everybody gets together to eat and play games and bring presents for expectant parents, thus helping them with the new addition to their family.

Hosting a baby shower might seem like a daunting task, but if your sister or best friend is expecting, you owe it to her to put together a smashing celebration in her honor. And don’t you worry about forgetting any part of the preparations because we have it all laid out for you. Here’s our checklist of things to consider while planning a baby shower.

Date and time

The most obvious first thing to make a decision on should be the date and time for the event. Make sure to include your guest of honor in this crucial determination as her convenience is what matters the most. The majority of baby showers take place when the mother-to-be is around seven months pregnant. It ensures that she’s still comfortable enough to enjoy the party, and her bump is prominent enough for the photos. Furthermore, she will even have about two months to organize all the gifts she gets at the shower and also be able to shop for the remaining items.


The idea of a baby shower originated with the thought of helping out an expectant couple with the various expenditures that come with when having a baby. Gift giving is thus an essential part of this celebration, so make sure you have got this item checked off your list early on. Baby presents are heartwarming and are now available in an astonishingly wide variety. Local stores and online stores are stacked to the brim with baby essentials that you can buy depending on your budget. It’s wise to tell the expectant mother to create a baby registry and share it with all the guests. It will ensure that people spend on things that the new family will need and also that there are no repeated items.

Guest list and budget

Ask the mother-to-be to give you a guest list, complete with phone numbers and email addresses, so that you don’t end up inviting an annoying co-worker who doesn’t get along with her well. Once you have a finalized guest list, set an appropriate budget considering the number of people for invites. That will further help you decide on a suitable venue as a back yard may be able to accommodate a gathering of ten to fifteen people, but if the guest list exceeds twenty-five, you might have to shift the party to a restaurant.

Theme and décor

Again, your budget and venue will be contributing factors when it comes to choosing a theme for the party. You can’t have a baby shower without decorations, so you might as well stick to an idea and make the occasion worthy of a photoshoot. Aside from the budget, be mindful of the taste of the mom-to-be when setting a theme. If she isn’t a particularly girly girl, then having a party overflowing with pink balloons might not be the most fabulous idea. Don’t go overboard with the décor. An attractive banner on the entrance, a cute backdrop for the cake table, and some flowers as centerpieces is enough to create a beautiful ambiance.


The most critical part of any celebration, no matter the reason, is always the food. When you’ve finalized the guest list, make a note of the people in attendance, and then decide whether you have children to feed or a person with specific dietary needs. Also, keep the guest of honor’s taste in mind while finalizing the menu. The food spread should include a few favorites of the mom-to-be, and the rest should be according to the theme of the party. Set up a buffet instead of a regular sit-down meal so that guests can nibble away while mingling and chatting with each other. Choose items like a salad or fruit platter or a cheese board that are not only crowd pleasers but also subtle additions to the décor.


When you’ve taken care of the main items, don’t forget to arrange for things like baby shower games and party favors. Have the guests draw on plain white onesies with fabric pens, doubling up a game into a great stash for the new mother. Pick out inexpensive things like magnetic photo frames or chocolates as a parting gift for all your attendees. Remember, it isn’t the material things that become memories but rather the rightful intent of a friend who threw the most fun yet low- maintenance party for an expectant mother, to mark the start of her beautiful journey.

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