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Advantages of Accessing and Using Advanced HR and Payroll Technology

When assessing HR software solutions, you have the option of choosing between an integrated system or separate best-of-breed products. The latter tools provide more specialized and advanced features, but the flipside is that they create several disparate data sets. 

On the other hand, an integrated HRIS that offers payroll, workers’ compensation, and benefits modules can make the work of your HR executives simpler by providing all the essential tools in a single platform. In this article, we provide the benefits of accessing and using advanced HR and payroll technology like an integrated HRIS with included payroll services. 

Gives You a Single Data Set 

Utilizing multiple HR systems increases the risk of needless duplication and manual workarounds. In contrast, an integrated product gives you one set of updated data that allows free information flow across your platform. You need to make updates or changes just once and they will be consistent in all areas. This also eliminates the need for added integrations to synchronize data when changes are made in different solutions. 

For instance, when an employee quits, you need to enter the required details once and all relevant areas are automatically updated. This removes the requirement to replicate the task across multiple tools. 

Saves a Lot of Time 

Your employees will find it difficult and confusing to use separate systems for different tasks. This will increase the number of queries to your HR unit which can take up valuable time and impact productivity. With an integrated platform, your staff members only need to access a single solution to view the information they want like leave dates, payroll data, training status, etc., saving much hassle and time for everyone. 

A single HR and payroll software solution also increases the scope for workflow automation – minimizing manual interventions in HR processes. The integrated system has built-in functionality, which eliminates the need to produce costly and complex interfaces between multiple products. 

Improves Accuracy 

Single data entry in an integrated system can boost information accuracy. Multiple solutions mean more employees are needed to enter more data and this multiplies the chances of mistakes which can create a host of problems. An integrated platform considerably reduces this risk as its data input requirements are much smaller and simplified. This can make your staff records more accurate and boost your confidence in dealing with your business numbers and figures. 

Makes Compliance Simpler 

HR professionals need to comply with regulatory demands regarding data governance and protection. An integrated HR software with complete payroll solution can assist HR executives in fulfilling their obligations by minimizing the risk of mistakes and the effort required. It can present an audit trail of activities related to compliance and automate the processes. 

The trouble with a best-of-breed solution is that you would need to duplicate the process across several platforms and also perform a number of added checks to meet compliance requirements. An integrated product is a better alternative as it can save plenty of effort and time, and protect your company from hefty penalties if regulators audit your processes. 

Boosts Analytics and Reporting 

HR teams often find it difficult to compile even simple reports. This is because disparate systems can affect data quality as you’d have to manually collect, cleanse, and aggregate information. As a result, you might need days to generate reports using complex formulas in old-fashioned spreadsheets. 

An integrated HR system offers built-in analytics and reporting tools, and enables you to use one accurate set of data. This permits you to produce insightful reports with just a couple of clicks. You can spend the saved time on analyzing information, identifying trends and patterns, making informed decisions, and taking the needed action to improve efficiency. 


Integrated systems thus offer the best solutions to HR teams. They can make life much easier for small and medium-sized businesses which typically have simple HR and payroll processes that do not require specialized functionality. Many organizations invest in multiple best-of-breed products that offer features that are rarely used. Instead of simplifying work, these tools can increase the workload of the HR staff. 

An integrated platform is a better alternative as it ensures consistent management of all systems, eliminates repetition, permits greater automation, and boosts accuracy. This enhances productivity and helps HR professionals to deliver valuable work through more consistent and accurate reporting. 

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