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House Cleaning Services

You wouldn’t have heard someone say that he or she is excited to go home and clean. It is that one task is relieving, but at the same time, everyone forgets it. After all, scrubbing and cleaning the house after a long day is never easy.

Thankfully in Singapore, we are blessed with fantastic house cleaning services. Some agencies have hired people, and they perform their duties very well. You can yourself select how much cleaning you want, the hours that suit you, and the places you want to clean.

What Do House Cleaning Packages Consist Of?

The house cleaning packages are usually different depending upon your needs and the number of services the company can provide. The packages are based on how many days you want to get the house cleaned and the hours you want. There are peak hours when the deals are higher than the rest of the day. 

The services for each package vary in the number of times you can avail of that service. The primary services offered by house cleaning companies are vacuuming, mopping, surface disinfection, bedroom cleaning, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, regular dusting, rubbish removal, Gutter cleaning and ironing of clothes.

House Cleaning Services Usually Available

The house cleaning services available based on the days of service are:

  • Spring cleaning
  • Once a month, house cleaning.
  • Once a week of house cleaning.
  • Moving in and moving out cleaning.
  • Christmas cleaning
  • Post-renovation cleaning

You can decide how much detailed cleaning of the house you want after you book one. They are booked on the phones, and you will get a message back knowing that your booking is secured and the details of their package.

Things You Need To Do Before You Call For An Appointment

There is no detailed procedure one has to go through, but the main things you need to do are make sure you have all the items required for the cleaning. It is better to use your detergents and cleaners. However, some cleaners bring their own. Another thing you need to do is pack up any of your belongings and put them in a safe place.

Things To Do After The Cleaners Are Done With Their Job

After the house cleaners are done with their job, make sure you inspect all the things and see if they have done it right, and you are satisfied with the job. Ask them to clean it right away because it would be difficult for them to come back again and clean anything left. you can get house cleaning services Bellevue WA

How Much Does It Cost In Singapore?

The house cleaning services in Singapore are more commonly charged on the hours of services than the number of services offered. Although the rates are subjective to each company, weekly services are $25 to $30 per hour.


House cleaning is not a challenging task, but when you are out working from 9 in the morning to 5 in the evening or even later, it becomes difficult to clean the house yourself. The house cleaning services have now eased this issue as well. Just know that all you have to do is take care of how you want and select a reputed company. 

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