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With the development of the Internet and new communication channels (e.g., social networks, email, etc.), communication techniques have evolved considerably. Content marketing is the trend that has literally imposed itself on the marketing services of companies.

You’ve heard about marketing content but are still hesitant to invest? Perhaps, you are skeptical about the real return on investment? If this is the case, this article will help you quickly change your mind.

The benefits of content marketing are many. It has shown its effectiveness in reaching a target audience on the Internet and achieves concrete results.

What is Content Marketing?

Content is the king. It is everywhere on the Internet. Without it, there would be no social networks, emailing, or SEO optimization. Without content, Google would have nothing to reference on its search engine, while Facebook would have no publications on its network.

Each newsletter, tweet, landing page, product description, and blog article has one thing in common: they are all content. Even that guy who helped you “complete coursework for me” works with good content to assist you. So, what is content marketing?

Content marketing is a strategy that is based on creating content to meet the goals of your business.

That can happen through the acquisition of traffic, an increase in your sales, and the loyalty of your current customers.

You won’t be able to increase your visibility on the Internet and social networks without content. For a business owner or marketing manager, creating content has become absolutely essential.


Whether in BtoB or BtoC, content invades all communication channels of the company: emailing, social networks, blogging, etc.

Still wondering if content marketing is right for your business? Discover the benefits of content marketing for your marketing strategy.

 Increase Your Website Traffic

The first advantage of content marketing is that it increases your website traffic. Thanks to that, users can easily find information about your products and services.

 Increase your Notoriety

Imagine two people discussing an article on the web:

Tom: “Have you read this great article on the Hootsuite blog?”

Jeanne: “No. What is Hootsuite, anyway?”

Tom: “It’s a great application to organize your social networks. I’ll send you the link.”

When you create content, you expect your target audience to react and exchange opinions. When people talk and share your articles, they recommend your business.

 Better SEO

If you want to optimize your website for SEO, you need to create a blog. All (good) SEO specialists will tell you that regular content creation is essential if you want to be present on Google. The American giant regularly “crawls” websites to evaluate their relevance and frequency of published content. Posting quality content regularly will help you get into the results.

 Invest in Social Networks

By creating content, you open the doors of social networks. It is one of the advantages of content marketing. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin – these are all great platforms to expand your audience. Posting on social networks is a way to have your content “liked” or “shared.”

That will also allow you to start interacting and building relationships with the influencers in your field.

On average, social networks account for 30% of website traffic. Also, note that Google takes into account the presence on social networks for SEO.

 Prove Your Expertise (E-Reputation)

Communicating through content marketing provides you with an opportunity to spread your know-how and show your expertise.

By providing useful information and answering questions from potential customers, you increase your e-reputation.

Thanks to it, your consumers will see that your brand is dynamically developing.

By turning your back on digital content, you risk losing control over your image and having a dissatisfied customer. By investing in high-quality content, you limit this risk.

More Potential Customers

Another advantage of content marketing is the acquisition of potential customers. For example, by offering premium content in exchange for contact information, you can easily increase your client database.

Providing your clients with good content every month can also help you gain long-term customer loyalty.

Long-Term Benefits

One of the benefits of content marketing is that the positive effects it helps create over time. Unlike PPC campaigns that cease to be effective when you stop paying for them, your content continues to generate traffic even after you stop publishing it.

Reusable Content

You can use content multiple times and update it, if necessary. Do you post blog articles regularly? Why not create a thematic guide? Your content can be reused in different ways, such as Slideshare presentations, videos, thematic guides, webinars, etc.

Cheaper Than Traditional Marketing

Wondering if content marketing is right for your SME? If you have limited resources, content creation can help you bypass the exorbitant costs of traditional media.

If you can’t create your own content, you should hire a specialized agency.

Instill Team Spirit

Creating useful content for your audience usually requires full knowledge of the topics. If you’re a marketing manager, this may be your opportunity to engage members of different departments. You can collaborate with engineers, graphic designers, and community managers to promote your content.


One last tip: if you decide to enjoy the benefits of content marketing, you should focus your editorial strategy on the consumer. Gone are the days when companies only talked about them. Provide them with useful information to show your level of expertise.


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