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As more people join the rush to become social-media influencers, the popular mainstream marketing tactic isn’t likely to fizzle out anytime soon.  No longer limited to a few select brands, it seems like everyone is interested in, or at least knows someone who is a social media influencer.

Turns out the attraction to becoming popular online has plenty of company.  According to a recent report, 86% of young people surveyed said they’re willing to try out influencing on their social media platforms and an additional 20% of young people said they know an influencer personally.

In today’s digital world, engaging personalities can garner social clout, further enhancing a brand’s marketing efforts and gaining the potential to make big money.

However, the influencer approach to marketing is a slow-and-steady race. Unlike traditional routes, brands need to invest the time to develop authentic relationships with their influencers in order to market efficiently. Oftentimes, the results aren’t measured in monetary amounts, but in the acquisition of new followers.

While popular social platforms like Facebook and Instagram are helpful to attract online attention and build your brand, ConnectPal is for any person, group, or business that has an audience or wants to grow an audience. A ConnectPal profile is like a profile page on any social network, but with a distinction, there is a charge for people to see your profile content. ConnectPal empowers people to monetize their audience in a simple way with no startup costs involved.

Marketing yourself online requires time and personal attention, but finding the right people to work with are equally important. In the same way that calculators save you time in adding numbers, influencer marketing platforms reduce the time it takes to attract attention from followers and allows you to reach your goals.

Before you start creating content, you need to understand exactly who your target audience is going to be. Most influencers have strong connections with their followers and that’s because they cater to a specific niche.  In order to build a loyal base, you’ll need to analyze what it is that interests your target audience.  Pick a topic that you are passionate about and don’t sway too far away from it.

For example, some influencers populate their feeds with a specific topic of interest like travel, makeup, fitness, etc. This means a travel influencer might only post reviews of hotels, photos of travel locations, and even brand promotions.

Once you’ve found your niche’, the next step is to post relevant content for your followers.  Once you’ve established an engagement with your audience, the more likely it is people will choose you as their guide for opinions and recommendations.  You can use a mix use of content types – videos, blog posts, pictures – preferably ones that your audience favors most.

It’s common practice to mix in a bit of content from your personal life as this establishes a more personal connection and helps influencers seem authentic.  No matter what strategy you choose, your posts should fit in naturally and be positioned in a way that will gain more “likes” from your audience.

Remember, it’s okay to come out and declare yourself as an influencer who is interested in collaborating with other brands.  While you won’t likely become an influencer overnight, if you keep following these guidance points, you will be on your way to increasing your reach and hopefully monetizing from it, too.

For this method, you select an influencer with an audience that largely overlaps your target audience. However, instead of asking the blogger to promote your product by merely talking about it, you attach a  limited-time incentive to act. This incentive could be a gift with purchase or a discount upon using a specific code. You also must add urgency so as not to miss out on the currency of attention to the shortness of social media users’ attention span. Influencers are promoting multiple brands and products to their audiences every day. Your message must have an enticing reward to get their audience to act on your offer.

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