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The birth of cryptocurrency has seen a huge increase in crypto casinos launching. These have
disrupted the world of online casinos for the better.

By 2030, the crypto casino market is estimated to be worth an incredible  $192 billion . Players
have never had such a wide choice of casinos to play at, and the rapid rise of crypto casinos has
led to better choice for customers.

Here we look at the five reasons crypto casinos offer players a better gambling experience.

Easier payments

Cryptocurrency is a genuinely global currency not constrained by borders or differing
regulations. In the fiat payments world, casinos are limited by regulatory and licensing hurdles,
which set what payment methods they can offer players depending on their country.

Payment providers charge high fees to casinos, which are passed on to the player through lower
bonuses, currency conversion and withdrawal fees, and lower return-to-player (RTP) values on
the games themselves.

Crypto payments remove all these obstacles. It doesn’t matter where you live in the world; there
are no exchange rate fees, and sending and receiving payments is as close to instant as there is.
Top crypto casinos accept dozens of tokens, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Ripple, Solana,
and USD Coin.

There are sometimes small fees involved (gas fees), but players accept these as they know the
bonuses and general banking experience are superior to fiat payments.

More valuable bonuses

Most players consider the bonuses available at a casino before they decide to play there. Even
the best regular online casinos don’t offer bonuses worth more than a few thousand dollars. For
most players, that might be enough, but high rollers will not get much value.
In addition, high wagering requirements designed to stop so-called bonus abusers are off-putting
to all players.
Crypto casinos offer incredibly generous welcome offers in the region of up to 1-5 BTC. This
equates to tens of thousands of dollars in bonuses for new players. Regular online casinos simply
can’t compete with this.
In addition, the best crypto casinos run extremely valuable tournaments and giveaways. Stake,
for example, has a $50,000 weekly giveaway, Bet Fury has a $10,000 daily battle, and BC.Game
has a daily chance to win up to 5 BTC.

With lower costs than traditional casinos, particularly regarding payments, crypto casinos can
afford to give much more value to their players. And with competition growing, these rewards
and riches will only get bigger.

Provably Fair and in-house games

Provably Fair games prove once and for all that the casino games you are playing are random
and fair. Every player can check the game round using blockchain technology to ensure there
was no manipulation.

Most players’ big fear of playing at online casinos is that the games are rigged. While licensed
casinos use independently tested games, a player must take it on trust the games can’t be
influenced in any way. And unlicensed, dodgy casinos do exist.

When you play at a crypto casino and enjoy Provably Fair games, you can trust 100% that you
are not being ripped off. In addition, Provably Fair games typically have a house edge of just 1%,
giving you the best chance of winning money.

While many traditional crypto games are sometimes available at regular casinos, the best
versions of Dice, Plinko, Mines, and Crash are at crypto casinos. These simple-to-play games
aree available in so many cool formats and themes, with players able to set their own odds and
win big.

In-house original versions of these games are available online at all the top crypto casinos.

Play without limits

Limits plague all regular casinos. How much you can deposit and withdraw is tightly controlled.
Some casinos have withdrawal limits of just a few thousand dollars per week, so if you enjoy a
big win, you can literally wait years to withdraw your winnings.
Most crypto casinos don’t have these limits. You can deposit and withdraw basically whatever
you want, starting at extremely low numbers up to unlimited deposits.

Faster withdrawals

Instant no-limit withdrawals are perhaps the most significant advantages crypto casinos hold
over their peers. Blockchain payments return your winnings to you as close to instantly as
possible. Many crypto casinos boast of ten-minute average withdrawal times.

The biggest complaint about online casinos is that they are always slow payers. Many traditional
casinos often refuse to pay out or delay withdrawals for as long as possible – hoping players give
up or gamble back their winnings.
With the blockchain, all crypto casino payments are transparent. Because of this transparency,
you can see when your winnings have been sent. And there is no dispute over payments by either
the casino or the players.


It’s little surprise to see more and more traditional online casinos start to offer crypto payment,
too – they realise the pressure they are under from their more innovative rivals.

Crypto casinos remove two of the biggest issues around online casinos – payment problems and
concerns about a game’s fairness. So it’s little wonder the market is booming.

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