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Renting a paddleboard is a great way to not only start learning and introduce yourself to stand-up paddle boarding, but it also offers a host of fun physical activities and relaxation. What’s more, you can easily rent a paddleboard, as rentals are offered weekly for around $150 to $200.

A paddleboard rental is a great idea, especially for beginners; you can save money by using a rental to determine if buying a paddleboard is right for you. Paddle boarding offers a lot of variety in terms of age and size and skill level from beginner to advanced.

Before we get into the reasons why you will want to rent a paddleboard in Melbourne, Florida, let’s first get to understand what paddle boarding is and why it has become so popular?

What is paddleboarding?

Paddleboarding can be seen as a combination of both surfing and kayaking, but unlike surfing, you do not need the strong sea waves to thrust you forward:  in fact, calmer waters are particularly ideal if you are a beginner. This also makes paddleboarding a sport that can be practiced on calm rivers and lakes alongside the oceans.

The ease of access definitely promotes the popularity of the sport, as you do not have to go ‘wave hunting,’ as it is with surfing. Melbourne beaches particularly offer treacherous waters off the Bass trait, which are excellent surfing and paddleboarding spots up the long coastline.

Why You Should Rent A Paddleboard In Melbourne:

Physical exercise.

Paddleboarding is a great cardio workout. Paddleboarding will get your heart rate up by working your upper body muscles. This is as you are in a wide standing position (or sometimes kneeling) and propelling yourself forward or back. These are among the few active body activities that provide such an extensive range of movements, upper body training, and leg work.


Paddleboarding provides the best travel workout, as it burns through a load of calories per unit. Research shows that a casual paddle can burn upwards of 430 calories in the space of an hour. Paddleboarding offers an exercise routine that is guaranteed to make an impact on the health of your body. It strengthens your core muscles, legs, and shoulders.

Are you explorative or adventurous?

Paddleboarding offers a chance for exploration of the seas, and a very fun adventure spicing up a time out with the ones you love. Stand-up paddleboarding is made for anyone who enjoys being in the water and once you go out on this paddleboard adventure, you can’t help but keep talking about it.

Relax and enjoy the water, beautiful scenery, and nature.

Melbourne Florida is home to one of the most beautiful beaches, lagoons, and ocean scenery on the coastline. One of the most recommended spots for paddle boarding is the Mornington Peninsula and Indian river lagoon which offers shallow clear waters, or the calm Barwon, Yarra, and Maribyrnong rivers whose waters are both beautiful to see and paddle in.


Stand-up paddleboarding is very simple,  and you can easily get started by renting a paddleboard. In paddleboarding, your body size, fitness, or shape are not determining factors as to whether or not you succeed at the sport. With the right attitude and dedication, people of all ages can master it in no time. To top it all, you don’t have to worry about the high sea risks, as paddling is relatively much easier in calm water rather than the sea’s high waves.

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