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You need to improve yourself over time. If you start with these tools, you’re ready for some great composition.


Here are some very simple books that can be real resources. From time to time, you may find that you did a good job without having to mention any of them. It’s good they have. 

The list of suggestions is as follows:

Rhyme dictionary


Spell dictionary

A book about the structure of songs

A kind of recording device

There are some very expensive units on the market today. Recording devices are a great tool, whether you have the ability to write songs or not.

No demo recording quality is required. I’m going to keep it simple. Find something that is easy to use and store. Overdubbing is a resource, but be aware of many features and options. Often, the device becomes more complex.

Manuscript paper or tab paper

If you have the skills to write music, please provide the right amount of the right paper. You need a way to write your AI song. If you can read and write songs, it will surely be a resource.

We recommend handwritten paper, which is slightly larger than a standard book. I love writing with pencils and find that the larger size works well, especially when taking Steve Adam’s tabs.

Steve Adam Stub

Steve Adams was a local teacher I consulted with from time to time. He is a top player and he left a hole when he died a few years ago. He had his own tablet system. I accepted it and was very happy to offer it. He used plain paper instead of lines and wrote blanks instead of lines.

There are four places here. Use the space above the staff for the first string and the space below the staff for the sixth string. And, of course, the tree works fine.

Not only do you print on special paper that is easy to mount, but if you do not write it on the top, the numbers will be easier to read! I like it because I use both handwritten paper and tabs.

Steve’s approach was so great that he used it to promote.

A musical instrument

In order to create a melody and advance the water, you will need a tool for composing. If you have music skills, this is definitely a plus

Many musicians prefer a keyboard because it’s flat and suitable for writing and tables. You can play the melody with one hand or write with the other hand. Personally, I’m a guitarist, so I think it’s better to have a guitar. So I have to pick it up and put a lot of it.

Personally, I can’t write music without knowledge of music, but people do. It’s not like an instrument played by the ear. Knowledge of structure and sensation even when playing with ears

But go for what you want to do. Knowledge of music is certainly a resource.

People came to me and said they wrote the AI song, but I needed a trained musician to play the melody and write the melody. Some people accept this job, but I always refuse it. These songs are generally well sketched and require a lot of hard work.

No matter how you choose to incorporate baby songs into your baby’s life, be sure that making music is part of his playtime and listening to it is part of his regular ritual — not because you want to make your child the smartest in the class but because it’s soothing, fun and a great way to bond.

If you want to help find a qualified musician to record your music or present it to someone, you have to pay! A clear asset to keep playing. 

You now have the tools you need to set the stage for songwriting. The next thing you need to do is start reading a book with the structure of the song. Remember that songwriting is an art and a skill.

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