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Planning your next major event in Dubai? Need shades for your car parking? Or windows?

You will need party tents for your event and customized shades for your car parking.

Al Aydi Tents has got you covered!


Al Aydi Tents produces customized tents for customers across UAE. The renowned clients of Al Aydi Tents are a testament of their top notch services ranging from Habtoor Leighton Group, Sharjah Transport, Sharjah City Municplity, Genesis Manazil Group, Algeco, Khan Saheb, UNEC and Emirates Driving Company. Government organizations also rely on Al Aydi tents for sun shades in Dubai.


Al Aydi produces tensile coverage, glass, marquees, car parking, retail camps, army tents, garden shades and window shades in Dubai. We also sell party tents all across UAE. Al Aydi tensile shades in Dubai have a huge variety of tents for heat protection. As a manufacturer in Dubai, we also make customized fence over structures and these fences are made according to your area and budget.

Party Tents

We have a huge variety of marquees in different colors and material. A marquee can be selected based on the theme of your event party tents Dubai. We also open half open marquees which are suitable in cool weather or for parties planned at beach side. Another hot party tent includes half open class marquee. They are crystal clear and look amazing with flower arrangements.

Shades for Protection from Heat

The specialist services of sun shades Dubai are also provided on a project basis. In this way, all the requirements regarding coverage are met. While every building is fully air-conditioned, it’s the outdoor places which need heat protection.

Even windows need coverage to block heat rays. Al Aydi provides protection from heat in Dubai. As a tents manufacturer, Al Aydi tents have produced top international quality tents which surpass every technical and safety test.

Special Tensile Shades

We recommend using tensile shades in Dubai to beat the heat. Our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority. Therefore, we manufacture and supply tensile tents with the best aesthetic outdoors layout. Tensile shades are manufactured with the most durable, waterproof material, windproof and heat resistant material. Al Aydi Tents manufactures and supplies the best tensile shades in Dubai. Tents manufactured by us are long lasting and they survive the heat while protecting our customers and their homes.

Contact Us

Get in touch with us during the usual business hours or drop us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. A meeting will be required for discussing your need for tensile sun shades in Dubai or party tents. Our team of experts will share the best options for you in your budget. After a physical inspection of the area for measuring the area that needs a tensile tents, our team of experts in Dubai will give you a timeline about producing and installing the agreed tensile shade and design. You could visit us to see our portfolio of different marquees to narrow in on the type of marquee you want for your event.

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