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Full Body Massage

Are you looking for a day out? Some ME time? Relaxation?

Book an appointment with for a full body massage in Jumeriah!

Dubai Water Spa has a huge variety of massage services!

Our client’s testimonials and the prestigious awards that we have won reflect our top-notch services.

Prestigious Award

Being a recipient of the prestigious award ‘Best Luxury & Professional Spa in Dubai’, we proudly cater to a variety of massage in Jumeirah. Our customers forgo stress when they visit us and we take care of them so that they may strike a vigorous balance between their body, mind, and soul. Our customers comfort is our top priority. At Dubai Water Spa, we provide numerous massage services. We have professional settings for every massage service as we cater to the comfort of our clients for the best hot massage in Jumeirah. Massage manipulates the deep superficial layers of muscles through different methods to improve functionality, speeding the healing process and promoting relaxation and well-being.

Expert Therapists

Our therapists have decades of experience in providing massage service to customers. Their expertise is unmatched in town! Dubai Water Spa aims at giving you the best massage services in Jumeirah. Body massage and spa indulgences are catered by our professionally certified experts. With a solid eight years’ experience, we provide luxurious massage services in Jumeirah. We source organic products from Thailand and Hong Kong to provide best full massage in Jumeirah.

Hygienic Environment

At Dubai Water Spa, we use state-of-the-art massage tools. Stainless steel tools are sterilized while bamboo and rosewood tools are disposed of after first use right in front of the customer. We ensure that the premises remain hygienic for our clients’ safety.   Our therapists share the benefits of associated methods for self-awareness for the convenience of our clients. We ensure pain relief, decreased anxiety and stress, and temporarily reduced blood pressure while enhancing the recovery time for muscle performance and even decreased subclinical depression through a full body massage Jumeriah at Dubai Water Spa.

General Benefits of Massage

Massage will help you in relaxing and act as refreshment in your hectic routines. Fresh skin cells emerge due to the friction between the therapists’ hands and the lotion or oil being used. Massage also has musculoskeletal benefits. Our body muscles work like a sponge. Blood and lymph fluid are released when the muscles are contracted, and when the muscles relax then the fresh blood enters it with fresh nutrition like oxygen and immune cells. The improved blood supply benefits the eradication of lactic acids and other elements which cause cramps while slowing the muscle metabolism process. At Dubai Water Spa, the therapists include certain movements of stretching which helps in mobilizing areas like joints while placing adequate tension on tendons and ligaments of muscles. The massage in Jumeriah helps in relieving stress.

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Select any massage of your choice and call us to book your appointment for the best massage in Jumeirah and hot massage in Jumeriah! Or you could call for a consultation if you are new to massage. We look forward to giving you a luxurious service!

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