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Alcohol consumption can adversely affect the drinkers and the people around them. It can impair reaction times, coordination, and judgment, often leading to risky behavior. People who have their children studying or living far away from home often doubt if their children could be taking alcohol. There are many reasons for them to believe so. If your child is in boarding school, college hostels, or independent hostels, the Alcohol Detection Test is for you. By simply taking their hair or nails, you can find out if the children have been drinking or drinking in the past. Hair and Nail Alcohol Testing can detect the presence of alcohol in a person’s body even after many months of consuming the alcohol. Workplaces require high levels of alertness for employees’ productivity and maintain safety. Therefore, the alcoholism test is also a vital tool for employers of indoor offices, field jobs, and manufacturing units.

We provide accurate Alcohol Detection Tests with dependable reports in India. Our alcohol testing prices are competitively set making it affordable for most. Stay with us to learn more about getting an alcoholism test in India.

Traditional Breath Analyzer Tests & Their Limitations

Breathalyzers or breath analyzer devices measure the concentration of alcohol in a person’s breath. This provides an estimate of the person’s blood alcohol concentration or BAC. We often see traffic police use this portable device to test drivers for alcohol instantly. Though effective in finding out recent alcohol use, they are not capable of detecting past alcohol use.

Here are some of the common limitations of traditional breath analyzer devices.

  1. Variability in Results Due to Body Condition & Interfering Substances:The readings of breathalyzers can be affected by different factors, like one’s body temperature, breathing pattern, and the presence of other substances in the breath, like mouthwash or a medicine. This can lead to inaccurate readings.
  2. Detection Window:Breath analyzers measure the alcohol content in breath. The BAC levels can keep changing after drinking. The longer it has been after the person drank, the lesser the BAC levels and the harder it will be for the device to detect. This means shorter detection windows making these devices ineffective in case someone drank more than a few hours ago.
  3. Calibration and Maintenance:Breathalyzers need calibration from time to time for them to show accurate readings. Improper calibration or a lack of timely maintenance can cause the device to show inaccurate readings.
  4. Legal Thresholds and Interpretation:The legal limit of blood alcohol concentration (BAC) may vary by jurisdiction of the land. Therefore, the breathalyzer test readings can be subject to legal scrutiny as the threshold BAC level may be different in different areas.

A good alternative to these traditional devices is the Hair and Nail Alcohol Detection Test. These are accurate, reliable, and can detect the instance of drug consumption for up to 12 months in the past.

Alcohol detection timeline

Hair Alcohol Testing

Ethyl alcohol is the alcohol that is fit for human consumption. When consumed, ethyl alcohol gets converted to two different metabolites – Ethyl Glucuronide or EtG and Ethyl Palmitate or EtPa. Hair alcoholism test detects the presence of these metabolites in the hair strands of the person. Here is how it works.

EtG and EtPa are carried via the bloodstream to the hair follicles. From there, these metabolites are taken up and get trapped in the keratin fibers. 

Hairs of other body parts, like the chest, arms, beard, etc., can be taken in place of head hairs. But make sure not to give a mixture of head hair and hair from other body parts.

Nail Alcohol Testing

In cases where giving hair is not possible due to religious or other reasons, nails can also be used for alcoholism tests.

For this, you can give one single clipping measuring at least 5 mm in length. If the clippings are shorter than 5 mm, at least 10 milligrams of multiple nail clippings are required. It’s important to note that you can give either the fingernails or toenails, but never a mixture of both.

By Nail Alcohol Testing, you can detect alcohol consumption history for up to twelve months.

Caution: While collecting the samples, try to cut the hair from as close to the scalp as possible. Similarly, for nail samples, cut the nails closest to the nail bed.

Where to Get the Best Alcohol Detection Test in India?

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Don’t wait another day, risking your loved ones’ lives by letting them slide into the pit of alcohol addiction. Find out their drinking habit by Alcohol Testing and intervene in time for their complete rehabilitation.

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