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In NW Albuquerque, where residents make sure to maintain proper oral healthcare routines, many individuals make the mistake of not avoiding the habits that can affect their oral health. Smoking is one of them. As you know, smoking is injurious to your overall health. However, it can affect your oral health more. From normal discoloration to oral cancer, you can get any illness. Thus, you must understand the impact of smoking on oral health so that you may avoid doing it. Consider seeking help from your NW Albuquerque dentist and seek treatment.

Understanding the connection between smoking and oral health

Before knowing the impact of cigarettes on your oral health, you must understand the connection between smoking and oral health. Whenever you smoke a cigarette, the particles that enter your mouth when you take a drag make sure to affect your oral health. Smoking affects your teeth health, your gums, and other overall illnesses. Therefore, you must make sure that you quit the habit of smoking.

Impact of smoking on oral health:

  • Stained teeth

One of the most typical effects of smoking on oral health is tainted teeth. Smoking leads to the contusion of teeth since the nicotine and tar inside the cigarette can affect the color of your teeth and make them look yellow. The tar and nicotine jilt a sticky leftover in your mouth that turns your teeth yellow and stained.

  • Bad breath

Another impact of smoking on oral health is bad breath. Bad breath is a disease where your mouth emits a bad odor that makes people feel uncomfortable around you. When you smoke a cigarette, you must know that constantly dragging reduces saliva production and leads to dry mouth and bad breath. Thus, you must avoid consuming nicotine if you have a habit.

  • Gum diseases

As you know, smoking makes your immune system powerless; hence, this results in no solidity to fight off bacteria. When you smoke a cigarette, you must apprehend that it causes a rash in your gums. This inflammation increases and leads to bulges, redness, tooth loss, and other problems. Therefore, smoking increases the risks of gum disease and can result in pain and despair.

  • Tooth loss

Smoking can be injurious to your health. However, it also affects your oral health. Another impact of smoking on oral health is tooth loss. Since smoking prevents your internal body from healing, dealing with oral issues like gum diseases, weak immunity, bad breath, and other issues becomes difficult. Therefore, there is a high chance of tooth loss if your gums are injured.

If you are addicted to smoking, you must make sure that you quit that habit now; thus, consider seeking professional dental care.

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