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Alkaline Foods

Living the life to the fullest is indeed a gift, but of course it also has its consequences. Our bodies are but of mortal men and have expiration dates as well as durability. We can only take so much that if we push ourselves to the limit, we will find ourselves in situations that are dire and unimaginably painful. That is why we have to make the right decisions in order for us to really live life to the fullest, and when I say to the fullest I mean in a healthy and efficient way.

Today’s lifestyle is very, how do I say it, “unfit for living”. Why do you ask? With all the vices available, namely, alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, fatty food, and sugary drinks, our bodies will tend to break down more easily and sooner than expected. That is why we have to switch to a healthier lifestyle, and avoid the dullness and sickness that these things give. I am talking about acidosis ladies and gentlemen, and this body state can lead to far scarier and unwanted complications in the future.

Having an acidic body is like having an unclean engine. When an engine burns fuel, it leaves waste products that are not expelled through the exhaust pipe, and those waste products are the ones that cause the engine to break down and malfunction if not given the proper maintenance. So for the human body, you need to put in food that causes minimal or produces no acid at all and is more alkaline in nature. This will help your organs responsible for waste management to eliminate wastes more easily. Now if you want to maintain the healthy state I just described, you need to consider these foods into your diet. Alkaline Naturals Alkaline herbs shop suggests the following Alkaline Foods.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, sprouts, lettuce and other plants with green leaves have detoxifying effects and alkaline properties that balance the body’s pH level. It also contains lots of vitamins and minerals which helps strengthen the body’s immune system and develops physical aesthetics as well. Ever wonder why Popeye was so strong?

Citrus Fruits

Even though they contain citric acid, citrus fruits actually detoxify the body’s waste products. They are a good source of alkaline and help the body strengthen the immune system. Lemon, Limes and Oranges are good examples of these fruits.

Brocolli and Cauliflower Power!

Brocolli and Cauliflower are perhaps not the best choice for your palette if you are not a vegetable eater but are actually a very good choice for making the body alkaline. These vegetables contain Phytochemicals and are indeed on the list of top sources of alkaline and antioxidants.

Root Vegetables

Finally, one good alternative for carbohydrates and a good source for alkaline are root vegetables. Beets, taro, carrots, sweet potato and other root crops are high in alkaline properties that help dissolve and flush out waste products from the body. They are also an alternative for starch when it comes to dieting and contain less carbohydrates making it perfect for a healthier meal plan.

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