Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Romania can be considered one of the most famous and reliable countries which have a lot of businesses that are situated at the top of the poultry industry. In order to offer trust and safety in food for consumers worldwide, the companies which sell Chicken meat from Romania have a vertically integrated management system.

Chicken meat and not only this, but all types of food produced in Romania are also considered to be at a high standard of quality, produced with patience, care, but most importantly, with a lot of respect for all that comes naturally from the environment. The safety standards in producing and selling this type of food on the poultry market are obtained due to the cycle which makes the most important part of the breeding process.

The first step in breeding the chicken starts from grain production and right after comes every detail which makes the feeding and accommodation for chicken the best possible. The breeding process is always carefully monitored by the employees because this is the only way you can know for sure those chicken grew up in a healthy way and they were not forced to eat too much and gain weight. When this step is finished, the chicken is sorted and sent to slaughterhouses. The processing plant comes right after this and this is also a process carefully made in order to obtain the most qualitative product from the meat. Product distribution is also a reliable step because the transportation of the meat needs to meet some requirements in order to be delivered at a high standard and not lose its quality during this.

Getting stronger and stronger on the poultry market after the distribution of chicken meat 100% natural made Romanian businesses bigger and more and more popular. The recognition of all the standards highly visible into the chicken products can be seen in the demand of them from people all over Europe who want to have almost every day on their dishes the healthiest chicken meat available on the market.

By Sudarsan Chakraborty

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