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Do you want your place to liven up? Or are you looking for some storage containers that will suit your vibe? When choosing a metal storage container, we sometimes depend on the item’s aesthetic and does it go well with the other stuff in our house. In this article, we got you a list of five awesome metal storage containers that we know you will adore. You can also visit shipping containers for sale in California.

Beautify Metal Storage Trunk

Looking for something that will be a total eye-catcher in your home? One of the amazing metal storage containers on our list is the Beautify metal storage trunk. If you are into the vintage aesthetic, well, this one’s for you. With its antique aesthetic, this will bring you back to the golden days.

Not only does it bring additional elegance to your home, but it is also very convenient. This storage trunk is stackable and can be used as a side table. It is also great for storing various valuables, such as clothes, pillows, beddings, shoes, accessories, magazines, and scale model shipping container.

The Beautify metal storage trunk is wholly made of robust steel. It also has a charming blush pink or cream design with a very trendy rose gold color for the handle and clasps. Since it has a vintage flair, it will never go out of style.

Creative laundry basket

Another vintage style got in our top list of metal storage containers, and that is this creative laundry basket. Who would have thought that laundry baskets could be more aesthetically pleasing? If you are looking for baskets to zhush up your laundry area, this laundry basket is a must check out.

It has a very innovative style with an open design made of iron and a neutral copper finish. It also has wheels so you can easily move it around the area. You can also use this creative laundry basket any way you want.

You can either store towels on it, your dirty laundry, an indoor planter for your living room, or decorative storage for your other stuff. With its very artistic trend, it can be placed anywhere inside your home besides the laundry room.

Barnyard Designs Kitchen Storage Canisters

Moving on to this next metal storage container on the list will bring you a country farm vibe in your home. The Barnyard Designs kitchen storage canisters will make your kitchen or pantry enhanced with this country decor storage.

These canisters are made of food-grade metal, are FDA approved, and have an airtight sealed lid keeping your storable inside fresh and dry. It comes in seven different colors and just makes your coffee, sugar, tea, or flour container more stylish.

mDesign Metal Storage Tub

We all want our bathrooms to look delightful and comfortable. To achieve that, we have to organize our bathroom, and keeping it tidy will make it look great and cozy. This fabulous metal storage tub from mDesign will help you keep your stuff in your bathroom organized and visible.

It’s portable, easy to carry around your house due to its ergonomic wooden handles, it is made of strong steel metal painted with a rust-resistant finish, and it is easy to maintain. It has a sturdy base and can be placed on the floor or at the table.

This tub is perfect for your toiletries and other bathroom necessities. It can also be placed inside your bedroom for your blankets, books, magazines, or pillows and great for storing your kid’s toys too. With its simple but classy style, this will bring an extra dash to your home.

Glitzhome Metal Storage Bins

Do you fancy a rustic design in your home? The last on our list is the Glitzhome metal storage bin. With its antique, country cottage style, and metal decor, this is perfect for the modern and rustic aesthetic in your house.

It is a spacious hidden storage box made of high-quality metal that’s durable and stable with a removable thick wood lid. It’s great for storing your cushions, blankets, clothes, books, or toys, and it can also serve as a side table, an ottoman, nightstand in your bedroom, or a seat for your couch. This kind of style also works well with different types of interior.


Metal storage containers are one of the most durable storage choices, it is resourceful and can provide multiple purposes. But one of the factors in choosing storage containers is their style or design. We hope we help you gain more ideas on what kind of metal storage container to select according to your taste with this list. You can also check out storables.com for more metal storage container tips.

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