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The UK is a fantastic multicultural haven where you can explore a range of different heritages through fashion. With Pakistani families becoming part of the fabric of British society, it makes sense that new, exciting and diverse outlets are popping up. For the highest quality Pakistani garments, you can browse and purchase ladies’ dresses, kurta, dupatta, and trousers online at

Filhaal is a stalwart of the British Asian fashion scene with plenty of choices for Pakistani ladies across the United Kingdom and beyond. They source exceptional attire from designers across the globe to provide British communities with cheap but top-quality clothing. Filhaal began their mission of providing the best garments to Pakistani communities because they recognized there was a shortage of Pakistani dresses in the UK and Europe. Importing these garments for consumers became a goal of Filhaal.

Filhaal wants Pakistani women across the UK to hold onto their heritage and enjoy expressing their traditions through their outfit choices. You can look good and feel confident in a yellow dupatta, a three-piece purple kurta, or a stunning Gul Ahmed three-piece embroidered khaddar. Quality is everything and Filhaal goes out of their way to bring you the very best of Pakistani fashion in a cost-effective way. The clothing may be cheap but the quality of the garments is second to none.



At Filhaal, the choice is varied and suits all discerning buyers of Pakistani clothing. It doesn’t matter whether you are after a casual kurta three piece suit or whether you are looking for the elusive and perfect designer dupatta, Filhaal will have exactly what you are looking for in stock to be delivered straight to your door.

Filhaal stocks some of the most highly regarded designers such as Maria B, Agha Noor, Asim Jofa, and Rangoon. They don’t rest on their laurels and are always looking for hot new designers to stock for Pakistani women. As the fashion trends change so do Filhaal’s latest offerings.

Being an e-commerce store, Filhaal keeps overheads down and passes these savings onto the consumer. This means that you have access to the best brands, the highest quality garments, and the newest fashion trends without a hefty price tag. The variety of clothing on offer at Filhaal is world class. You could find a beautiful unstitched pashmina shawl for everyday wear, a black and gold Khaadi kurta to add a bit of glamour to an evening outfit, or a maroon readymade tawakkal three-piece to boost your confidence and look stylish. Whatever your requirements, the artisans at Filhaal will have the garment or outfit that you need no matter the event or occasion. Formal or informal, fun or sophisticated, bold or subtle, Filwaal has it all.

Perhaps the cheapest garments to find on Filhaal, the trousers are beautifully stitched, artisan-made, and the choice is vast. Black net trousers or white knee line net trousers could be delivered to your door and in your wardrobe for just £10.


Filhaal understands the importance of getting your garments to you in a timely manner which is why they have an array of shipping options that you can choose from. Need your dupatta in twenty-four hours? Filhaal can ensure this happens with their Royal Mail 24 hour tracked delivery option.

You don’t have to scour the high street looking for those elusive shops that may stock the odd kurta suit or abaya. Markets, shops and department stores tend to be expensive. You could find yourself forking out for a handmade custom garment that requires numerous fittings and consultations at the end of which you receive a piece of clothing that isn’t how you envisioned and cost you a small fortune to purchase. Buying clothes should be exciting, fun and give you the chance to express your personality. Filhaal’s range of Pakistani clothes for women does just that.

Instead, venture online and check out the range of Pakistani clothing at Filhaal. They go out of their way to hunt down the finest brands that capture the latest fashion trends in Pakistani culture. Filhaal doesn’t discriminate and wants to bring the latest in Pakistani fashion to all women, teenagers and older ladies alike. Whether you want to treat yourself, purchase some new attire for your wardrobe, or buy a loved one a delightful gift, Filhaal can help. Head online and check out what Filhaal has to offer – you will discover a real hidden gem.



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