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DominoAll About Domino: A Popular Board Game

Domino has been an interesting game for centuries. It is a game plays with tiles. Each piece of tile or domino is square and has a central line dividing the piece into two. There are numerous dots marks on the tiles. Each spot is usually termed as pips or dots. The total set of tiles is knows as deck or domino pack. 

Domino is an age-old game and was first played in the Chinese dynasties. Later on, the game migrated to European countries and developed independently. Domino has various types of sets and multiple games can be plays with the Dominoes. “Standard”, “Block” and “Draw” are the three most common types of games played with Dominoes. 

Though originated in China, Dominoes has now become popular all over the world and is plays globally especially in the regions of the Caribbean and Latin America. Straight Dominoes is the most common game that is played. 

How to Play Dominoes

You just need some friends and some dominoes tiles to get started. Domino is plays by involving four players and they are pairs into teams. It is customary for each of the players to draw seven tiles and these pulled tiles are played as tricks. Each of these tricks is denoted by one point and the dominoes as multiples of 5 dots are counted for the total. This sum up to a total of 35 points each of five counts and a total of seven tricks which amounts to the total point of 42 and from there hails the name of Dominoes. Each player draws 6 dominoes and places them in such a way that the other players cannot see them. 

Steps Involved in Dominoes Games

Here are easy steps to get starts with dominoes:

 1: Shuffling the dominoes on any hard surface. Usually, it is does on a table

 2: Each of the players chooses 7 tiles and places them in a way such that only the member can see the tiles and no one else. 

 3: The player who had drawn the tile first lays the tiles first and the game starts

 4: This pattern goes in order counterclockwise across the table. 

 5: If the tile you has laid down cannot be tricked the same pattern of action follows.

The game continues until one player reaches 100 points. That is how easy yet mind-boggling Dominoes is. 

With the advent of technology and the revolution of the gaming industry, dominoes have now become famous, popular, and accessible like any other game. You can play it while doing anything. It is easily accessible even if you don’t have the boards, the dice, or anyone with you to play the game. Playing dominoes online is fun and easy. You can meet new people, friends, and strangers who can become your gaming partner. No investment is needs. All you have to do is log in to domino99 and that is all. You can have all the fun and enjoyment. Play while cooking, walking or doing any other activity.

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