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People are curious to know about Michael Jordan’s daughter, Victoria Jordan, and more about her. Michael Jordan is, indeed, a great player, but none of his children have replicated his on-court greatness. MJ’s second marriage to his current wife, Yvette, Prieto, has given birth to twin girls, Victoria And Ysabel Jordan. Victoria, one of MJ’s youngest daughters, even at a young age, is experiencing the limelight. Born to a former NBA champion father and a supermodel mother, Victoria is exposed to stardom from an early age. However, her parents have been trying their best to keep their daughters’ lives private, ensuring minimal exposure of the two through the internet.

A highlight into the life of Victoria Jordan

Victoria, still young, looks like both MJ and Yvette, and the parents are letting her enjoy her childhood by keeping her away from traditional and social media. Victoria Jordan’s parents have achieved incredible success in their fields, which has raised curiosity among fans to get to know more about their daughter.

Victoria Jordan Early Life and Family

Victoria Jordan, born on February 9, 2014, in Palm Beach, Florida, United States, is fortunate to be born into a multiracial family. Victoria Jordan Ageas per the latest estimates, is 9 years. Victoria, right from her childhood, has been reflecting the diversity and richness of her heritage. Victoria Jordan Parents are very cautious about not letting her be exposed to the internet world. Her father, Michael Jordan, is well known worldwide as a legendary and widely celebrated basketball player who has presented to the world his exceptional skills and contributions to the sport. Michael’s accomplishments have earned him a permanent place in the history of basketball. Victoria June Jules Jordan’s mother, Yvette Prieto, is a loving and supportive mother, playing an important role in Victoria’s upbringing. The parents are proud parents who have created a nurturing environment for their children, providing them with love, guidance, and opportunities.

In addition to Victoria, the family welcomed her twin sister, Ysabel Jordan. Victoria And Ysabel Jordan 2023 details reveal that The bond between Victoria and Ysabel is unique and special; the sisters share a lot in common besides their birthday. The sisters will be one day known to the world for their shared experiences, adventures, and memories. Victoria is blessed with a half-sister, Jasmine Jordan, part of her extended family. Despite different sets of parents, there is immense love and connection among the siblings, reinforcing the importance of family bonds.

Victoria’s family extends even further, and she also has two step-brothers, Marcus and Jeffrey. The blended family dynamic brings diversity to Victoria’s life, which is helping her develop and value meaningful relationships with her step-siblings.

Though it isn’t known yet what she wishes to pursue in the future, it can be said that Victoria Jordan continues to grow and navigate her journey through childhood and is learning to develop a meaningful life for herself with the love, support, and influence of her family. With her father’s athletic prowess, her mother’s nurturing nature, as well as the companionship of her twin sister, and the rich bonds she also shares with her half-sister and her step-brothers, Victoria has been looking forward to new perspectives, experiences, and opportunities.

Body Measurement

In terms of height, Victoria Jordan is 3 feet and 7 inches. Her body weight is around 21 kilograms or 46 pounds, reflecting a healthy and appropriate weight.

Living Space

Victoria and her twin sister Ysabel are the daughters of a billionaire father and are undoubtedly experiencing a life of opulence and privilege right from their childhood. Michael Jordan is known for his extensive real estate holdings and is also known for being the owner of several multi-million dollar mansions located across the United States. In 2012, Michael Jordan made headlines when he listed his mansion in the affluent Highland Park suburb of Chicago for sale. The grand residence boasts an impressive 32,000 square feet, featuring nine bedrooms and nineteen bathrooms. Despite its luxurious amenities, the property is still on the market with a selling price of $14.8 million.

In 2019, Jordan put up for sale another of his prestigious homes in the picturesque surroundings of Park City, Utah, for $7.5 million; this residence offers an exceptional living experience.

Michael Jordan owns three other lavish mansions- one in North Carolina, another in Cornelius, and the third one in North Carolina. The third mansion, acquired for $4.8 million in 2013, is in the beautiful coastal town of Jupiter, Florida.

Victoria Jordan Net Worth

Victoria Jordan, being a child, relies on the care of her parents. Her father, Michael Jordan, witnessed remarkable success both in his professional basketball career and through his business ventures, which has helped him acquire wealth of approximately $2.2 billion. Besides the basketball earnings, Michael Jordan receives substantial annual income from his longstanding partnership with Nike. Lucrative endorsement deals and brand collaborations have contributed to financial success as well. Michael Jordan’s affluent lifestyle is also evident from the fact that he is the owner of a private jet customized with luxurious features likely worth millions of dollars.

Victoria’s mother, Yvette Prieto, also witnessed financial success and holds a net worth of $50 million; most of the money she has earned is from the modeling industry. Her career helped her to establish herself as an independent and accomplished individual.


How Old Is Victoria Jordan?

Victoria Jordan age, as per the 2023 estimates, is 9 years old. She was born on February 9, 2014.

Who Is Victoria Jordan’s Mom?

Yvette Prieto, a model from the United States, is her mother. Yvette Prieto has posed for Alexander Wang and portrayed herself in the documentary Cuba: An Island Apart.

Who Is Victoria Jordan’s Dad?

Michael Jordan, a former basketball player who played for the Chicago Bulls and chairman and owner of the Charlotte Hornets, an American professional basketball franchise, is her father.


Victoria Jordan, the daughter of Michael Jordan, remains an enigmatic figure in the public eye. Though there is not much information available about her right at this point since she is just a child, we are trying to find out further information.

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