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Manhwa is the most trendy topic among online readers. In the world of reading, manhwa is the first option for the readers. Fans of Manhwa are available around the entire world, It became famous when the author started to write in global languages English. Manhwa is available in all genres like fantasy, thriller, horror, history as well as adult. 

There are many websites available on the internet which provide manhwa. Users can read the manhwa on those websites. When it is about adult manhwa Hiperdex is on the top suggestions. is a platform that provides total adult manhwas. If a user is looking for adult manhwa is the best place for those readers. 

About is a websites of adult manhwas. For the last two years, it has been available on the Internet. Hiperdex is very common for readers just because available manhwa are in English. It has a huge library for the readers. On users can read more than 1000 manhwa on this platform. Users can enjoy reading at their convenience. 

Users Interface has a simple back background user interface that is eye-cool for the readers as it is a reading website.  On the home page user will find the main page with a simple header and footer. 

On the headers, there is a search option where the user can search the manhwa by its name or can select the option of advance which helps users to find the manhwa in alphabetic mode and Hiperdex has also a separate section for the latest manhwas. 

On the footer, users can see the terms of services, privacy policy, and 18 UCS 2257 norms of adult content. Basically in the footer, there are cautions and content privacy alerts so that users can know which kind of content this website is providing and whether it is legal as per the norms, moreover, users should be adults. 

Search results and sorting of content 

As per the content, Hiperdex provides adult manhwa and it is a legal website. Hiperdex provides a simple search bar that helps users. They can find the manhwa as per the keyword that they are writing in the search bar. It also provides the features of sorting manhwa as per the alphabet and recent release. 

Advertisement and pop-up

 Hiperdex is an adult manhwa, however, it is not like any other adult website yes it has advertisements and commercials but on the home page only. On the home page users can see some animated GIFs of commercials on this website users will get only adult commercials. 

Mostly on the websites advertisements and pop-ups interrupt users to browse the content but not on Hiperdex. On Hiperdex users will get advertisements but only on the homepage and there are no pop-ups on this website. So while reading users will not face such kind of problems which they face on other websites.  

Login and Signup 

Readers can create their own account on this platform so they can login and logout on the website and keep their reading history safe. While opening the book again and again readers lose interest, If a user creates an account they don’t have to repeat this process again and again. It is also a time-saving for the readers. If they don’t have to search and open Manhwa again and again. It helps users save time. Login and signup is just a one-time process but it can save enough time and reputation for the random task. 

How to create an account on Hiperdex?

Creating an account on is very simple readers just have to follow a few steps.

  • Users can see the signup option on the left top of the homepage. Users have to click on it.
  • Users have to fill in their information like username, Email address, and password 
  • After filling in this information just click on the register once the user clicks on it. The users get enter into his/her profile
  • It also provides the function of forgetting and resting passwords. So users can easily find their lost accounts.

It is very easy to set up the account which also helps users to keep their reading on proper flow. 

Manhawa Information, Rating, and  Comment

What information is required for a reader before starting the manhwa? Once the user clicks on the link picture of Manhwa. Users can look over the basic information about manhwa like its ratings, name of author, artists, genres, type, and status of the manhwa. On before reading users can read the summary of the manhwa as well as the latest update of the chapters.  

The information provides about the manhwa is very rare to find on other websites. Apart from the reading Hiperdex provides information about the content so the reader can know about their favorite manhwa and its authors as well.

Apart from these features also allows users to comment and write feedback about the manhwa which is very helpful for the readers and the author. Before starting to read, the reader can see the review and then start the reading, in the same way, the feedback, is very helpful for the author to improve his/her writing just because a genuine writer is keen for feedback and suggestion. 

Summing Up

Hiperdex is a website that provides adult manhwa. It has a very clean and smooth interface that helps readers to read easily. provides adult content but it does not mean that is a porn site. It encourages the advancement of society and culture. It provides a great platform for users and authors both. Users as a reader can improve and follow the reading hobby on the other hand authors can write post manhwa chapter-wise so they can see the reviews and the interest and suggestions of their readers and can improve the content as per the people’s reviews. is a great place for readers and authors both.

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