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A credit card is a necessity in today’s busy life. At times, a person needs cash for multiple reasons and it often gets difficult to procure the same. RBL credit card eases all such problems and makes the life of customers easier, in case they choose to avail the facility.

However, knowing the current RBL credit card status is one aspect of the entire scene after you have applied for the card.

Approval Process of RBL Credit Card

For Existing Customers

The RBL credit card status can be known after the application is processed. However, to begin with, the approval and verification process is fairly simple in case you happen to be an existing customer of RBL Bank. Customers who are already availing the services of the bank only need to apply online and they will get pre-approved offers on the credit card. These come with attractive benefits to name a few.

For New Customers

The approval process for new customers is somewhat lengthy. Such potential customers need to apply online and can download the application form from the website. They can alternatively visit the RBL bank branch for physically collecting the form and get a first-hand insight into the required information. The services of RBL bank credit card customer executive can also be taken.

Once the credit card form has been filled, a representative from RBL gets in touch with the customer. The representative collects the form, corrects anomalies if any and will check about any other documents which are required for verification. Ideally, these could be Voter Card, Aadhar Card or Driving License. A background check by the bank on the professional information and customers’ background is also done by the bank.

In case any discrepancies found in the information given by the customer, the bank is likely to cancel the allotment process of issuing the credit card henceforth. In cases where verification and background check has been done to the satisfaction of the bank, the card gets approved and the customer is likely to receive the same, either through courier or through the registered post process.

If the credit card of the customer is rejected, RBL is likely to send a detailed letter to the customer explaining the reasons as to why the credit card was not processed.

Checking status of RBL Bank Credit Card Application

The status of RBL credit card can be checked easily through the online process. The customer only needs the application reference number and the mobile number which has been registered with the bank while applying for a credit card. An application reference number is a unique number which is allocated to the customer and this number generally comes through the mail or SMS for easy reference to track the status of the credit card.

In cases where the application form has been submitted physically, the bank will provide the customer with an application reference number which can be quoted in further communication with the bank, until the time, the card physically arrives with the customer.

The application status can be tracked online by visiting the Track the online application status column on the website. Once, the application number has been keyed in, the website will show the current status of the card which can vary from “in-progress” to “approved”. If the website shows “dispatched” as the status, it usually means that the credit card has been mailed to the address of the customer and is likely to reach soon.

In cases when the card has been rejected, the website will show the status as “Rejected” and the reasons will be notified in the letter which the customer receives at a later date.

Any other information related to approval of the RBL credit card can be sought from the bank by sending in the queries at the email address The bank also maintains a Credit Card helpline which can be accessed at 022-62327777. The toll-free number of RBL Credit Card helpline is 18001219050.

Get in touch today with a representative of the RBL Bank and avail the benefits that a credit card can offer. Your life is sure to get a bit easier!

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