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It is vital to keep in mind that maintaining your alarm is a critical step in guaranteeing your security and safety. If you notice that your current security system is not working correctly or to its full capacity, frequently it may be repaired without the requirement to replace the whole alarm system. It is more efficient and cost-effective to have usual alarm services than facing an entire bill for breakdown repairs.

If you invest in the longevity of the security system through maintenance you actually;

  • Guarantee that you will have a good enough protection level by keeping it in good working order,
  • Leverage your initial investment to keep your business safe from intruders,
  • Uphold security regulations in the workspace and in your own home,
  • Comply with all insurance regulations and requirements.

It is highly advisable to have the alarm system serviced at least once per year.

We all understand how essential security safety alarms are when it comes to keeping us safe. The fire alarm system required maintaining as well as testing in order to ensure it will keep doing its job properly. Neglecting the alarm maintenance is not only dangerous but also illegal.

How frequently are the alarms supposed to be tested?

It is fundamental that testing of the alarm system is carried out frequently, on a regular basis.

If your fire alarm system is actually connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre for alerting the fire authorities/brigade, you need to remember to notify them before carrying out the routine test, and also afterward.

  • All manual call points need to be tested at least once per week to guarantee that the control panel is working as it should. It’s necessary to test a different manual call point every week so that eventually every point in the premises will be reviewed and checked.
  • Voice alarm systems must also be tested every week.
  • Automatic generators used as standby power for a fire alarm should be inspected as well as tested at least once per month.

Fire alarm maintenance

When it comes to particularly the servicing of fire alarms, this needs to only be carried out by specifically competent experts.

The frequency of the fire alarm’s servicing will have to be prescribed by a professional fire risk assessment, however, the maximum time range between servicing must never be more than half a year.

Standard fire alarm maintenance includes several checks and tests, including battery check-ups, checking control panel functionality, issue indicators as well as devices for automatic transmission of signals to the alarm receiving center.

Vented batteries need to be reviewed and inspected quarterly and topped up when needed.

On top of the ongoing maintenance and check-ups, the fire alarm system also needs a non-routine maintenance every now and then. This will include repairing any faults that may arise; making amendments to the system to take into account any modifications in occupancy numbers, alterations; or acting to avoid a high number of false alarms.

Due to the specialist nature of fire alarm maintenance, it is highly recommended to engage experts and professionals with vast expertise in this field.

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