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floor mat for carfloor mat for car

This floor mat for truck consists of 3 pieces. This is all season floor mat made of heavy duty rubber. 

This product comes with a 1-year limited warranty. While the front side of the mat measures 30.9 inches by 21.3 inches the backside measures 57.5 inches by 18.8 inches. This floor mat is easily customizable. The mat can be trimmed to make it a perfect using a pair of scissors. Being a rubber mat cleaning and maintenance is very easy. You can also visit for track mats.

BPA-free, thick rubber of premium quality is used for manufacturing this floor mat. The rubber is non-toxic and with no order and will not crack or split when subjected to harsh use. The non-slip grooves on the top of the mat facilitate comfortable foot movement. 

This floor mat won’t slide floor since anti-slip spikes made of rubber are provided on the bottom of the mat. The floor mat comes in black color and weighs 10.58 pounds.

Special features

This all weather mat will protect the floor of the truck from mud, sand and water.

 The ergonomic no-slip grooves ensure more foot traction. The rubber floor mat can be easily trimmed using a pair of scissors so as to make it perfectly fit. This floor mat is highly durable and won’t fade. This is an affordable mat and ensures excellent performance.


  • Affordable price
  • 1 year warranty
  • Deep grooves will hold liquid spills
  • Made of flexible rubber
  • Anti-skid 


  • Regular maintenance required


Armor All 2-Piece Black All Season Truck Floor Mat

This all season truck floor mat is all-black with raised rib design. This all-season floor mat ensures protection of the truck floor from dirt, moisture and debris. The mat is provided with anti-slip cleats to prevent sliding of the mat. This 2-Piece floor mat can be customized by trimming with a pair of scissors. The mat will neither crack nor become harder due to harsh weather. The built-in raised heel area makes the mat more durable. This floor mat can be easily cleaned and maintained. This mat is made of superior quality rubber which is thick and soft. This all season truck floor mat comes with a 1 year limited warranty. This floor mat will not curl or split as a result of harsh use. Though the mat is made of soft material it is very firm also. This floor mat is of reliable quality. In order to facilitate easy cleaning, the floor mats can be removed without much effort. Harsh chemicals or vacuum cleaners are not required to cleanse these floor mats.

Special features

These mats can be trimmed easily to fit vehicles of different sizes. The deeper tread pattern of this mat enables it to hold water, mud, sand and snow. Even in sub-zero weather this floor mat will not curl, crack or harden. These mats make the interior of the truck looking good. 


  • Heavy rubber car mats which can be customized
  • Provides all-weather protection
  • Easy to maintain
  • Affordable and durable


  • All black color may not match with interior of all trucks
  • Trimming the mat is extra work


Realtree Camo Front Floor Mats

These Front Floor mats are made of heavy duty rubber that ensures long durability. These mats protect the floor of the truck from dirt, debris and moisture. This set consists of two front floor mats with dimensions 20.5″ W X 31″ H. 

Each piece can be trimmed to create mats of custom size so as to be perfect fit to the floor of the truck. There are raised channels along the edges of the mat. 

These channels facilitate easy maintenance and perfect protection of the truck. The advanced flex TREAD backing is provided so that the mat won’t slide on the floor. 

Special features

These floor mats feature the Realtree AP camouflage fabric and the fabric is laminated to the rubber surface.

 Water and dirt are trapped by the raised edge of the floor mat. Anti-slip nib backing is provided. These mats are of trim-to-fit design. The mats are rugged and they hold up to heavy use. 

The mats are strong and are ideal for winter season. The mats will not slide around and fit perfectly. It is quite easy to trim the mat down to the custom size. These mats appear great inside the truck. 


  • Affordable and durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Hold up well to heavy use
  • Flex Tred backing
  • Free returns within 30 days of receipt


  • No warranty provided by manufacturer


Gator 79607 Black Front and 2nd Seat Floor Liners

Gator Accessories brand Gator model floor liner weighs 13.9 pounds and the product dimensions are 33 x 24 x 9 inches.

 These floor liners assure unmatched protection of the floor of the vehicle. These all weather ultra-tech floor liners protect the floor of the truck from all types of debris, dust and water. 

The floor liners are perfectly into place so that it will not slide around on the floor. The raised edges of the floor liner effectively prevent spilling of liquid over the side. 

The product is made of rubber and appears good. The product quality justifies its price. These floor liners are very sturdy and are quite easy to clean. 

Special features

The Gator 79607 Floor Liners are of Laser-fit design. These floor lines perfectly match with the floor of the vehicle. This floor liner ensures protection of the truck in all weather conditions since it is of all weather ultra-tech construction. Until the user removes the liquids and debris and cleanse the floor liner they remain in the raised edges. The floor mat is always kept locked in place as it is firmly secured to the retention system of the truck. 


  • Laser-fit design
  • Perfect fit as well as finish
  • Sturdy and easy to clean
  • Ideal for daily use
  • Excellent product for the money paid


  • More plastic than rubber


Plasticolor 001672R01 Weatherpro Black One Size Dodge Ram Logo Car Truck

This all weather floor mat offers the best solution to protect the carpet of your car truck. The online catalog of Dodge Ram all weather mats provides excitingly huge selections of mats.

 These mats are of reliable quality with really affordable price tags. The channels of this mat are deep molded. These channels collect and retain the water and dirt away from the foot area.

 These floor mats can be easily trimmed to make them fit perfectly to the floor of the vehicle. Anchor safety kit is supplied along with the mat and Anchor holes are to be made. 

For the factory installed floor board hooks, holes can be easily knocked out. Hole cutter is also provided. The hanger will have further use for ice scraper and food scraper. One set of the Floor mats consists of 1 left and right front mat and 2 rear mats.

Special features

The best all-weather floor mats will protect the floor of the truck from mud, sand, and water

These floor mats come as Universal fit for most of the vehicles. These floor mats are very easy to maintain. 

They can be easily cleaned with soap and water. The material used to manufacture these floor mats is highly durable as well as flexible. These floor mats ensure reliable protection to the floor of the vehicle from dust, sand and water. 


  • Excellent mat for the price
  • Can be trimmed to custom size
  • Anchor safety kit is provided
  • All weather mats
  • Dirt and water are kept away from foot area


  • Holes are to be knocked out

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