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HVAC repair service near me

Air conditioning & heating systems were once considered in the category of luxury features of cars. They were only available in some selected models & servicing was very complicated. Along with the technology evolution & increasing demand for cars, HVAC (Heat Ventilation & Air Conditioning) become the basic feature of every car. The entire system is meant for maintaining a comfortable environment inside the car. Each of them has a different assembly unit that you need to maintain with utmost care. It is necessary to keep the contact details of the HVAC repair service near you because a little bit of malfunction may create big discomfort during the journey. A normal HVAC system comprises of following parts:- 

  1. Cabin air filter 
  2. Heat blower motor
  3. Heater Core 
  4. Evaporator Drain
  5. Evaporator Core 
  6. Blend Door 
  7. Mode Door 

Most common problems with the air conditioning system

The air conditioning system of a car requires more care as compared to the air conditioner of home. Using AC in extreme hot climatic conditions may result in various malfunctionings such as:-

  1. Malfunctioning in compressor due to continuous use. 
  2. Break down in condenser
  3. Fault in cooling fans 
  4. Leaking refrigerant gas due to broken hoses
  5. Clogging in condenser due to mould infestation or dust
  6. Malfunctioning power supply

Among all of them, leakage of Feron gas is one of the major reasons why car chamber cannot get adequate cooling. Damage in supply hoses is also a big reason that mostly persists when you continuously drive on bad roads rashly. 

Most common problems with the heating system

Generally, the heating system of a car is only used in cold regions or in winter season but remain unused for the rest the time. Unlike any special heating element, most of the cars exhale the heat of engine inside the chamber when you turn on the blower option. If your car is blowing cold air, the following can be some major reasons to consider:- 

  1. If the blower fan is broken 
  2. Contamination in coolant or its low level in the storage tan
  3. Damage in thermostat 
  4. Corrosion in the heater core

When you turn on the heating system after a long time, such kinds of heating problems become apparently more ofter. It is advisable to run the blower occasionally for a few minutes in all seasons to make sure that no malfunctioning is occurring. Before the arrival of the winter season, check its cooling efficiency properly to ensure adequate comfort in the cold. 

Finding HVAC repair service near me

Rather than calling any random car service provider, it is advisable to contact an expert in a car HVAC system. These experts are specifically trained to handle the problems with the ventilation system. Apart from special service, make sure that the regular service centre is including HVAC maintenance in their logbook. You can easily find the contacts of these experts online. 

The above lists of malfunctionings are specifically meant to educate you with the most common possibilities. Apart from these points, the experts of HVAC repair service near you can also identify some other reasons after critically examining.  

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