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Any dispute between a tenant and a landlord can be legally resolved only when there is a rent agreement in place. It is because this agreement contains essential clauses with all terms and conditions both the parties agree upon. With the Maharashtra government implementing technological updates, this process has further eased out there. Thus, after you have rented a place, you can conveniently opt for an online rent agreement.

Equally binding as the one in pen and paper mode, these agreements have given a heads up to other such legal solutions. So, let’s check out all essential details that would help you get one for yourself too, the next time you are renting a place.

Instances where you would need this agreement

You can get an online rent agreement broadly under two circumstances –

  • When you are looking for a personal stay, be it as a bachelor or with family.
  • When you are renting a place for commercial use.

With Pune developing as an IT hub in recent times, many established companies and start-ups are setting up their offices here. For this, they require a rental agreement in place. This guide would also help them in case of any doubt over online rent agreement.

Parties involved in the making of an agreement

For personal stay

Here, the parties involved are the house owner who is renting out a place and the tenant who will stay there.

For commercial use

As for commercial stay, the landlord has to be there. However, in place of the person renting, it will have the registered company’s authorised representative executing this agreement.

Documents you would need for online rent agreement in Pune

For personal stay

In case of personal stay, documents that need to be furnished to the service provider are Aaadhar and PAN cards of both landlord and tenant.

For commercial use

Since the parties involved here are different, their documentation requirement also varies. So, check out all documents you need to be ready with when approaching a service provider.

  • PAN and Aaadhar card of the place’s owner.
  • The registered company’s incorporation certificate, board resolution for agreement of authorisation and the company’s PAN card.
  • PAN and Aaadhar card of the authorised person.

Apart from these, in both cases, you will also require to furnish the PAN and Aaadhar card of two witnesses.

Fees involved

Agreement fees vary according to the rent value and the deposit that a tenant is to make. When opting for an online rent agreement in Pune with an expert legal solutions provider, you do not have to worry about this calculation. They come with a professional tool that can quickly calculate the amount.

The path forward is easy as all you have to do is approach your legal service provider with the necessary documents. With an option of doorstep delivery, all you have to do is fill up their query form online. Their representatives will reach you and follow up with the required steps. You see, getting an online rent agreement in Pune is easy today than ever before!

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