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Master of Computer Applications, popularly known as MCA, is a post-graduation programme that focuses on imparting advanced theoretical and practical knowledge about the development of computer applications and programming languages amongst its students. An MCA course takes three years to complete. This programme helps computer aspirants to develop tools that enhance the functions of computer applications. As the best MCA college in Ghaziabad says, MCA courses came into prominence when the business industry realized that there was a severe lack of skilled IT professionals in the field. Since then, MCA became one of the most widely studied fields in the world.

MCA offers several different specializations, such as software applications, internet systems, hardware technology, networking, management information systems, etc. An MCA course is divided into four semesters, and the MCA degree makes a candidate eligible for getting a job in the IT sector. 


What is the Eligibility Criteria for MCA Programme?

If you are a computer geek and want to make a good career out of your passion, then going for a programme in MCA will be the best option for you. MCA, as it is in global demand, is a great course to pursue, and getting admission into an MCA college is not something extremely difficult either. Master of Computer Applications applicants must have a valid mark sheet and certificate of them that state of their having passed in Mathematics in the 10+2 level or Graduation level. Applicants with grace marks will not be granted admission into MCA institutes for further pursuing this course. Final year students can also apply for MCA on provisional basis.


Future Scope for MCA Candidates in India

MCA professionals are equipped with such a knowledge that they can put to use in many fields, such as IT, Engineering, Medical Sciences, etc. These are some of the fields that require advanced knowledge of computer applications. There are many tech corporations in India to have job openings and suitable profiles for skilled candidates. If a candidate has the right skill set and a decent amount of work experience, they can bag job opportunities with high pay scales.

The skills of an MCA professional are required in sectors, such as government organizations, E-commerce, and security companies. MCA professionals are considered the top officials in organizations and companies because they provide technical design services, hardware support, and web development.  


Top Three Benefits of Studying Master of Computer Application — Learn with the Best MCA College in Ghaziabad

An MCA programme equips its candidates with advanced theoretical and practical knowledge about computer applications. It focuses on four prime topics. They are (1) the mathematics behind computer science, (2) system science, (3) core computers, and (4) software design and development. With this knowledge, comes a lot of benefits in this particular domain. Let’s have a look at three of them. 


  1. Increased Employment Opportunities

A professional with an MCA degree can get exposed to several lucrative job options in the IT sector. Apart from this, MCA is a professional degree that allows candidates to get jobs in other sectors as well. MCA professionals are also considered to be good guides in office setups. 


  1. Technical Knowledge

An MCA programme equips its candidates with a profound knowledge of the technical aspects of computers. That is why professionals with an MCA degree are valued a lot in every job sector. 


  1. High Pay-scale

It is very easy for an MCA professional to secure high-paying jobs in major companies, especially in the IT sector. The average salary of an MCA professional with experience of two to three years’ ranges between 3.5 lakh and 5 lakh. 


Best MCA Job Roles

  • Software Consultant — One of the prime responsibilities of a software consultant is to develop software. There is a high demand for MCA professionals in India and abroad. They are required to understand a company’s needs and strengths so that they can develop well-suited solutions accordingly. MCA professionals with a good amount of work experience can easily secure this job. 
  • Computer System Analyst — Companies appoint computer system analysts for purpose of monitoring the health and competence of their computer systems. Professionals with an MCA degree are suitable for this job role. They are also required to detect the possibility of snags and provide long-term solutions.
  • Software Developer — MCA professionals are the right kind of people to nail this job because a large part of their training focuses on working with and on software problems. 

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