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Whatever gender, race, color or nationality the child is, Islam wants him/her to be raised on Islamic morals and principles.  But with things like peer pressure and media influence, it’s hard to raise kids on decent principles.

Introducing Islam to kids

At six years, children are expected to pray five times a day. Most can do so by the age of seven. At this age also they are expected to fast during Ramadan. By nine or ten, many have memorized large parts (if not all) of the Qur’an and understand what it means to be Muslim.

By puberty, boys are expected to be praying in the mosque every day and learning more about their faith. Girls too will typically pray five times a day, but they may not go to the mosque as frequently as boys do. They are also expected to learn how to cook, clean, sew and behave appropriately according to their gender.

Islam has many festivals, or ‘Eids’. The most important is Eid ul Fitr, which follows Ramadan, and Eid ul Adha, which marks the end of Hajj. Muslims often celebrate these with their friends at school by dressing in traditional clothes and sharing food. On other special days throughout the year, Muslims will get together to pray in the mosque, share food and celebrate.

The right way to teach them about religion

It is very important for us to teach him what a Muslim child does not know. First of all, we must realize that a child’s mind is like a clean white paper on which everything will be copied. Thus, our task as parents is to make sure no foreign or evil thoughts are written on this precious paper. Indeed, if a person has good thoughts when he is young, he will have a natural desire to do good when he grows up.

On the other hand, if bad ideas are stored in his mind, this will make it very difficult for him to accept any positive idea later in life. This leads us to our next point: We must try to teach the child everything we know about our deen (religion), such as the following:

How to perform the five daily prayers, how to fast in Ramadan, and what is Ramadan all about? What does Allah have to say in this Quran? What are their rights to parents and relatives? How should they behave with their friends and teachers at school?Generally speaking, a child should be taught about what it means to be a Muslim and that he or she is responsible for his actions. By this, I mean that the child must learn that everything he does or says will have consequences in either worldly or spiritual terms.For example, when a child hurts someone with his words, he must apologize to him directly.

Tips on how to raise righteous children in a difficult world

It is a very challenging time to raise children in the United States. We face increasing rates of crime, teen pregnancy, and drug use that continue to plague our nation. However, these challenges can be overcome with patience and planning. Here are some tips on how to raise righteous children in a difficult world:

Have high expectations for your children. Try your best to provide them with what they need to flourish.

Allow them to be their best selves by providing a healthy home, structured environment, and exposure to positive people. Believe in them even when things are difficult. Doing these things will encourage children to develop strong spiritual, mental, and physical characteristics that can help overcome life’s challenges.  Find real-life examples of faith to share with your children.

You can use stories from our beloved Prophet Muhammed about his model character that inspires us, stories from the Qur’an and other Islamic texts, or even online Quran classes in the USA for kids where they can see how children are being taught to have high moral character and also receive a strong education online. Take advantage of online Quran classes in the USA for Muslim children where they can learn about important Islamic values such as patience, honesty and never losing hope. These online Quran classes in the USAprovide children with an independent learning experience that enhances their ability to develop spiritually and intellectually.


It is important to start early when it comes to teaching kids about different religions. Introducing Islam to children at a young age can help them learn the right things and grow up with a strong foundation in their faith. There are many ways to go about teaching religion to kids, but making sure they have strong Muslim role models is essential. If you’re looking for help in this area, our team of professionals is here to assist you. We have years of experience in religious education and know how to make sure your child receives the best possible instruction. Let us help you create a lasting foundation for your child’s Islamic faith.

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