An Ultimate Guide to Diamond Painting – How to Use

Custom diamond painting motivates an individual to unleash their craftsmanship and creativity. Diamond painting is also known as painting with numbers, but paints are excluded from it. Instead of painting, the diamond painting kit consists of small pieces of rhinestones or crystals accompanied by different pens. You can find it at any well-renowned art and craft store. The process is tedious and rigid, but the process is simplistic. So, to make things flexible and rewarding for you, here is the ultimate guide which anyone can refer to while diamond painting.

  1. Comprehend how to read canvas and Unroll Canvas onto flat- The canvas comes in a small box followed by labels, numbers, letters, and symbols. Different symbols have different colors. To make things understandable chart includes written symbols. The printed chart is on the canvas side; after reading the canvas, roll it back and unroll it. Make it flat on an even flat surface. This part might be tedious, but this move can make your task flexible.
  2. Peel and Pour Drill Colours in the tray- An individual should peel and pour drill into the tray. In addition, it is essential to shake the tray gently to allocate diamonds in the perfect direction. Some kits come with numerous trays to make place for other colored diamonds. 
  3. Dip your pen in Wax and Pick Diamond– Open the set and get the wax pen to grab some rhinestones. If you don’t have a wax pen, you can also use a drilled pen by dipping it into t gel.  Rely on pens wide sides to pick small diamonds.
  4. Press drill onto the corresponding square gently- Make sure that you are sticking rhinestones against the canvas. The best way is to press gently with painting with numbers. Repeat process to work instantly and stay organized. Don’t rest while working on canvas because it has a sticky surface to be tacky.
  5. Peel Away unwarranted plastic covering- Follow similar proceedings as used before. Make sure not to peel the entire plastic covering because it will make the canvas sticky and untidy.
  6. Cover the canvas with a sheet using a pin- You are free to cover your piece with a discarded sheet; it will terminate the utilization of wax paper on exposed canvas. In addition, press down pins to save diamonds. To press rhinestones, one can use a jar if you don’t have a rolling pin.
  7. Peel tape Away- After pressing diamonds with a pin roll, peel away the tape from the canvas and frame it by inserting the canvas in the frame. Remove excessive edger. To give fancier touch, you can opt for colors that are compatible with your diamond painting. You can go for diamond embroidery landscapes or holiday diamond embroidery for the frame.

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