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From interiorsolutions, specialists in the design and professional furniture, we analyze here the importance of ergonomics when choosing an office chair. It is essential, especially thinking about our health since we spend many hours a day sitting on them.

More comfort

One thing that is absolutely essential must be made clear: sometimes it seems that buying an ergonomic work chair is considered a whim, and nothing is further from the truth.

It is indisputable that the word comfort goes hand in hand with ergonomic chairs; it happens when they reach the ideal degree of comfort due to the wonderful adjustments and regulations that it has.

These essential adjustments make this type of ergonomic chair become a glove, and they end up adapting to the user and not the other way around, as is often the case. All this is due to the great adaptability that is being achieved in body posture, something totally essential to avoid future injuries and even fatigue.

Increase productivity at work

Who would have thought that work productivity would increase thanks to the use of an ergonomic work chair? Well yes!!

And the real reason is that by working in the correct posture and that the body needs, it supposes greater comfort and that great and longed-for comfort becomes energy and motivation when it comes to getting your work done.

And it is that the eternal debate of the long hours we spend at work in our country is undeniable in terms of productivity level since quantity is not equal to quality. And it seems that the more hours of work you do, the more work will be done, and that is not the case.

They take care of our health

And it is that providing a good work chair to a work means that every minute that he spends in the company will perform better because his health will improve in the long-term avoiding possible diseases related to the performance of office jobs.

And these types of common diseases are quite common among office workers since they spend long periods of time without moving in front of a computer screen and that has a great impact on the health of the worker.

The right choice for work

In the end, cheap is expensive, and if it is something that directly affects our health even more, and the first thing we should be clear about when choosing a good work chair is to bet on quality.

So the best and most recommended thing is to go to specialists in the field, who understand the subject and have the latest in ergonomics, offering totally personalized advice for each person.

And at Interiorsolutions we manage to solve all your doubts about the importance of ergonomics when choosing an office chair, offering you the best assistance to solve your problem and find the best quality for your workplace.

There are three key and fundamental aspects to look at when choosing an ergonomic chair:

The backup

The backrest is the key and most important part of an office chair. In this regard, the most important thing is to look at the ergonomic shapes and the possible existence or not of lumbar support.

However, and so that there are no doubts, every ergonomic work chair should have this last element, since it ensures optimal support of the lower back area since it is also a very delicate area and very prone to suffering. injuries and sharp pains.

The settings

Another key to taking into account is the quantity and precision of the adjustments that an ergonomic chair has to work with since the greater the number of possible adjustments, the greater the possibilities of being able to adapt it to our morphology.

And this is something fundamental to be able to achieve and achieve an optimal body posture.

The materials

The materials used in the construction of the ergonomic work chairs and the chair upholstery is another key point to take into account when choosing.

Regarding the upholstery, the trend today in seating is breathable mesh. Since it is a material with many advantages such as its great resistance, and the ease of cleaning it has and let’s not forget its durability, which is much higher than others.

The metal structures and the aluminium bases as well as the reinforced plastics also guarantee superior durability in the chair.

And in terms of design level, they also offer a wide range of modern and attractive styles to give that touch of modernity to your office.

Life is testing us. Never before have we (obligatorily) had to stay at home for so long. And we were not prepared for it. You may not have a suitable chair to carry out your long telework days in the best conditions. As the current situation is very likely to extend over time, we want to present you with the best ergonomic chairs for teleworking.


Best office chairs to work from home.

Although at first the chair we have at hand seems adequate to work, try spending many hours in it … It is not so comfortable anymore, is it? Not all chairs are valid and it is vital that we choose them well, since they are the most important piece of a job. The best office chairs for working from home have a number of characteristics in common. We present them below:

  • Adjustable: Each body is different, so it is necessary that the height of the chair is adjustable so that you have the correct posture regardless of whether your physiognomy is that of Danny Devito or that of Pau Gasol. Both the seat height, the backrest or even the armrests.
  • Armrests: It is very important that a chair is equipped with armrests, not only to support us from time to time and rest the posture but to prevent us from sitting in strange ways. And is that, being seated for so long, we cross our legs, raise them, lower them … The armrest will delimit our movements preventing us from making positions worthy of the acrobats of the Cirque du Soleil.
  • That it has wheels and turns on itself: This is important, since it will facilitate movements without the need for us to make any kind of effort.
  • That is ergonomic, that is, that it fits perfectly to your body and posture.
  • That it has all the guarantees and quality and safety certificates in accordance with European regulations.

At Interiorsolutions we have a large selection of desk and office chairs, and in particular, we propose these three ideal chairs for teleworking. Visit us and you will surely find the most comfortable work chairs to pass the quarantine.

Meet our selection of chairs to telework from home

Ah! And don’t just focus on finding your ideal chair. At interiorsolutions we have endless office furniture for teleworking that will come in handy to be the most productive in the office even at home. The balance between work, comfort and productivity is more than possible!



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