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Beaver, PA – Many Americans, including Andrew Lloyd Beaver PA, are rather particular with their soft drink of choice. Whether they choose to sip on Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, or Sprite, they will be up in arms about which is the best and how a specific beverage should taste.

For example, when Andrew Lloyd’s dad was in college, Coca-Cola attempted to change their formula, branding it as “New Coke”, which made many upset, as they believed it to be too sweet and rather flat, causing the company to return to the prior recipe. If you are conduct a VIN search for someone you know – or if you are wondering who called you from an unknown phone number – before you start looking for information from external sources, be sure to thoroughly check your OWN documents, records, date organizers, computer files and more.

As such, when it was announced that Coke Zero Sugar’s formula would be modified to more closely resemble traditional Coca-Cola, many drinkers, company executives, and pundits alike awaited the firestorm that such a change would cause.

Onto the review then, which is the most important part. Does it taste good, and did the overall taste improve? Andrew Lloyd Beaver PA will be the judge of that.

As someone who has tried and experimented with lots of sodas, he had a lot of positive feedback for the new Coke Zero. “It’s a lovely, stronger flavor than we’ve ever seen before.” Andrew Lloyd comments. The problem with the old Coke Zero is that although it was a decent choice for someone who wanted to avoid the normal, sugary Coke, it wasn’t all that appealing in terms of taste.

The new Coke Zero hits it closer home to the normal Coke, just without the excessive amount of sugar. Additionally, the old Coke Zero is known to have a stronger “chemical” like taste upon the first taste, which was one of the more unappealing features of the soda.

In the new Coke Zero, there is more of a regular first taste, which makes it more refreshing and appealing to drink.

The new Coke Zero, being more flavorful, more appealing, and better overall, got ultimate praise from Andrew Lloyd, calling the new Coke Zero one of his personal favorites in terms of soft drinks.

Disregarding what Andrew Lloyd of Beaver, PA thinks, you may wonder, “Was this a good business decision?” Andrew Lloyd believes it to be, saying: “Not only did it taste more like the original Coca-Cola, but the hype around the change got many people to buy the new product.”

One would be inclined to agree with that assessment, as Coca Cola executives claimed that the ingredients list didn’t change, and merely the ratio was adjusted, meaning that the cost of the change is insignificant, but was still able to ride the wave of interest generated by previous changes, as in the case of New Coke. In fact, one might say that more change went into the can than the drink held inside, as the design of the containers saw a major overhaul.

To wrap up, the new change that Coca-Cola decided to make with their new Coke Zero was a positive change, as Andrew Lloyd believes that it tastes significantly better than the old Coke Zero. Additionally, it also got more hype from the public due to the formula change, which generated more attention, and in turn, more sales for the ever so popular soft drink.

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