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How to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

As marijuana consumption increases, so does the need for quality produce. Even though buying weed from a dispensary seems easier, growing your own is more fun. Spending time to tend to your plants from planting seeds to germination, growth then harvesting, is a whole new experience. Overseeing the whole process allows for quality control. Better, you don’t need the biggest of spaces to start growing your weed. 

Sourcing for quality seeds is where most growers find challenging. Here are the basics to understand when looking to buy cannabis seeds online.

Is buying cannabis seeds online legal?

The first consideration when buy

ing marijuana seeds online is legality. Given the recent marijuana industry regulation changes, you are never too sure whether buying marijuana seeds online is in line with the law.

For the Federal laws, marijuana growing and use are illegal. Your only way out is to look at the local laws. The various states have approved marijuana use with varying degrees of use. If your state allows recreational marijuana use then there is a high chance that you can buy seeds for personal growth. Understand the seeds, soil, and harvesting provisions from the regulations. 

Where can you buy cannabis seeds online?

Once you have established the legality of purchasing the seeds, the next step is to find your reliable supplier. As the demand for weed seeds has gone up, several companies have come up to supply the demand. Settling on a single outlet among these can take some time.

If you are looking for the best seeds seller then rely on recommendations and reviews. The marijuana community has a vibrant online presence with discussions on everything about weed. Follow the information on the best online weed seeds suppliers.

Once you have your recommendations, look into their stocks to find the site that you need. A site with this collection of Colorado cannabis seeds is an indication of expertise. All the other things like delivery means and duration will only matter once you have the right seeds. 

What are the types of marijuana seeds you can buy online?

Here are some of the marijuana seeds options you can buy online;


  • Regular seeds 


This is a pack of weed seeds that come as both female and male. For every seed you hold, there is a fair chance of it being either female or male. Given that you don’t know exactly what to expect, you might waste weeks as you wait to understand the gender of your seeds. You will then have to remove the male weeds during the flowering phase as they dont produce buds, instead, they only pollinate the female plants. 


  • Feminized seeds


Feminized seeds are the ones that come only as of the females. With this package, you are assured of bud producing plants hence no need to sex out the plants after some time. These seeds can only need a single male to pollinate the whole farm during the flowering period. 


  • Autoflower seeds 


These are the weed seeds that are ideal for indoor weed growing. They are crossbred with evolved genetics of other weeds that allow them to withstand harsh environments. They are also sturdy and strong. 

Once you understand the legality, place to buy the seed, and available types you are good to buy weed seeds online. The other factors like budget can always change to match what’s available. 

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