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Ankur Agarwal, Email Marketing Specialist, ICO Advisor and an expert in Cryptocurrency analysis is here with us to discuss on how you can sell your coin for Email marketing. He is the author of the famous book “Email Profits decoded” which you can get from his website for free.

Why email marketing?

Selling your coins through email marketing is a huge opportunity where you actually have a conversation with your buyers. Customer experience is a big marketing buzzword right now. Past few years, there has been the use of social media channels on a massive scale. But today, email marketing has emerged as a completely new thing which enables the organic growth of the subscriber base. It can help people to become aware of the crypto coins and blockchain technology that was earlier hindering its mass adoption. Consequently, you can successfully market your crypto coins and attract more buyers.

Today, the stats for email marketing are all over the place and there has been ROI of about 3800% which is the highest of ROI of any marketing channel available. It has an average order value as well and 3 times higher than the social media. The lifetime value of that buyer is also longer as well when you are engaging them through email.

An important thing to note: Mail chimp is not a crypto friendly email service provider as it is banning all the cryptocurrency related promotions, sales, trade or marketing.

Marketing strategies to sell your coins:

When you are showing up in someone’s inbox, they are going to immediately look at your name and guess whether they are sales message, helpful message or scam. So its really important that this is a relationship building which increases your chance for selling the coins.

There are a few important strategies for you to write an email that can sell your coins in a non spammy way. Undoubtedly, these strategies will deliver value to the people and they will look forward to your emails. If you can get people to open your email, there is a much greater chance that they can eventually buy coins from you.

  •    If you are trying to sell the coins consistently, then building a huge email list is the number one way to do this. A lot of people make an email list but they don’t make sales. If you are building a list, you must share your content as well. By sharing your content, there is a much greater chance of other people finding you.  
  •    The most important thing is your subject line. This is the first thing they are going to see and it needs to get their attention. It requires something that they are actually interested in. So curiosity in the subject line works really well which is delivering value in that subject line that gets them to approach.
  •    Once you get in the email, you must convince them through a story that why you are sending them an email. As you are writing and crafting your email message, don’t bore them with a bulk if texts or gibberish information, but you want to simply tell a story that why are you here. Make sure your story makes sense to the subject line. You can provide them infographics or newsletter for better understanding. In fact, they must get a better understanding of who you are.
  •    Next, you are going to sell the click. You don’t want that link to be something to buy in the first place. Then where you think it should navigate your customers? The thing it should do is to go to a piece of content that you created. Now inside of the content, you can have your product. But you are not technically having them to go directly to your product. First, you are letting them go to the content which they could mention the product. You must always think about how are you going to deliver the value, and from there, how can you lead those values to either mention your product or have them think about the products that you may sell.  

Know before selling:

Buying a coin is quite complicated for many. You have to ensure them the safest and easiest approach to buy crypto-coins. Therefore you must be aware of the least risk and best returns of the coins. Here are a couple of very overlooked cryptocurrencies and they are going to deliver huge returns for their buyers. This isn’t a personal opinion rather an overview as to how to opt for the crypto-coins that ensure huge customer base and their trustworthiness.

Litecoin is a cryptocurrency that got the interest among many buyers. This is a cryptocurrency that did a massive price increase since last year. It is on the verge of becoming more mainstream cryptocurrencies as it has the potential to do so.  Groestlcoin has got a lot of attention recently. It has got a boost in the cryptomarket but this one is still in the market capital of 50 million dollars. If this coin gets more attraction, this could easily get buyers a several hundred percent returns.

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