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If you are planning to abroad for MBA and looking for an education consultant in Karachi to help you in finding the list of top Universities in the UK.

Business schools in the UK are classified into a number of factors including the professional progress, index of employment, quality of faculty, internationalization and the weighted salaries of alumni three years after graduation.

The business schools of the United Kingdom are acclaimed worldwide for their high levels of academic rigor, the unrivaled exposure of the industry and a culture that encourages innovation and creativity. Here is a list to assist you in choosing the best university to study in the UK.

University of Cambridge

It takes around 12 months and cost of £51,000 to study a full-time MBA at University of Cambridge. The MBA course at this university divided into four sections: team building, team leading, its impact and its relaunch which will be evaluated during the summer internship program. They also offer MBA Executive, however, the duration of this program is 20 months.

London Business School

The London business school offers around 21 months MBA program which costs around £75,100. After enrolling, you can also get a chance to study with its academic partner located in America, Asia, and Europe. You can also avail an opportunity to learn diversified culture and languages and get to know about the business issues globally.

The University of Manchester

The tuition fees of MBA course in this University is around £42,000, which can take around 12, 15, and 18 months duration. The University of Manchester also offers a part-time MBA, which provide on-campus teaching three times every year. They are also providing best leaders by delivering online MBA classes via Kelley School of Business.

Lancaster University

The Lancaster University School of Management (LUMS) is ranked in the top ten in the United Kingdom, along with the top 100 global business schools.

Students and staff come from more than 150 countries around the world, making it a truly international experience, and LUMS has a network of more than 35,000 alumni around the world. Since 2010 more than 800 consultancy-type projects have been taken by students with real companies, as part of their degree, and LUMS has one of the largest doctoral programs in business and administration in Europe: in 2016, 212 students were registered at LUMS for a Ph.D. study.

Careers in Business Management

Business management is a broad degree that encompasses many areas, and there is a wide variety of paths that a graduate can follow once they have completed their studies, students will be highly employable and can enjoy a range of career options including accounting, advertising, banking, consulting, general administration, human resources, and marketing.

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