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Annapurna base camp trek is taken as the wonderful and legendary trekking in the country Nepal. This is what a route comes under the paradise for thousands of trekkers or visitors and adventure hikers. The most diverse and unique ravishing landscape with a culture of a local community ethnic group.

Also it shows the stunning views of the global iconic himalayas are also a wonderful attraction of the trekking. In the region of Annapurna base camp trek you will be offered stunning views with wonderful himalayas vistas leading from varieties of beautiful viewpoints. 

It also takes you throughout the variety of terraced fields that also surrounds the valley and village with a charming Magar and Gurung. You will be also experiencing the effective views of flora and fauna. This is another form of aspect that will help to rejoice during the time of adventurous trekking to the region of Annapurna base camp trek.

Including almost 10th highest himilayan peaks some of the iconic snow capped mountain to Mt. Annapurna at 8091m above sea level. Here you can see the most gorgeous snowy peak and help most of the trekkers dream of the lap of Himalayas peak within the tenth highest mountain in Nepal. 

So how difficult is it to trek to the Annapurna Base Camp?

The himalayas of Annapurna base camp is located within an altitude of 4130m above sea level. The trekking route is taken as the ultimate popular and wonderful trek region trail in the country of Nepal after going through the Annapurna Circuit trek. This trek is even popular for the solo traveller and with also a group of experienced trekkers as well. 

The most popular Annapurna trek is not even considered as a difficult trek. It is because this kind of trek is very risk taking with key factors of trekking which help you to walk steady and slowly. So it is also considered as the most moderate trek in Nepal. 

Likewise in the region of Everest base camp trek it comes under the beautiful trek and most demanding but with the help of a bit of patience. This is how this trek is almost achievable and enjoyable.Hiking and trekking in the base of himalayas that mean that they are almost risk taking which wait for each and every steeping within a trek. 

During the time of trek in the Annapurna base camp trek which is difficult and adventurous including exciting journey for the numbers of travelers and hikers across the world.You don’t need to be worried about the risk and challenging which adds us to reach during the time of trek in the various trekking destination of Nepal.

Duration of the Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Annapurna base camp trek is fascinating and takes us almost two weeks that help to make a complexion but it will go rapidly. So the final thing about this trick if you can complete it within a period of nine days. Talking about the duration of trek it will be extended or reduced in the accordance that helps to make the need and also itinerary of Annapurna base camp trek. 

It can differ according to the variety of unique forms of packages that are made by the different travel agencies and trekking agencies. On an average you need to walk almost for almost 5 to 6 hours each day during the time of trekking of your Annapurna base camp trek. 

There may also rise some kinds of problems if you have less habit of walking. This will lead you to the destination in 7 to 8 hours of time that will definitely lead you to comfort and problems.

In terms of avoiding such kinds of situations that help you to increase the trekking strengths while walking long distances down and uphills. There will be planning of routine for a few months that will start your trekking adventure and hike to Annapurna base camp. 

Some of the packaging list are

  • Your clothing should include sweat absorbent underwear and shirt, warm clothes that protect you from cold and wind.
  • There is a list of the clothing that should be carried in your trek.
  • Hiking shirt
  • Sweat absorbent/ hiker underwear
  • Hiking shocks
  • Hiking pants
  • Rain protector jacket and trouser
  • Lightweight Down Jacket
  • Hiking boots
  • Warm pairs of gloves
  • Hiking sandals
  • Sun Hat
  • Other Goods
  • Trekking Poles
  • Sunglasses
  • Battery chargers
  • Extra Batteries
  • Alarm Clock
  • Personal water bottle with the iodine tablets
  • Camera
  • Sleeping bags
  • Headlight
  • Chocolate or energy bars
  • First Aid box with essential medicine for altitude sickness, Diarrhea, cold, nausea and many others
  • Hygiene and toiletries


Trekking is never easy, as it fully depends upon a person with experiences and non experiences. Annapurn also has some of the most difficult trekking areas where you have to go through.  This will start by exercise by focusing your foot,legs and your body that will help you to get a habit of walking daily. This will lead trekkers to do a comfortable trek in the Annapurna region of Nepal. This is how you will enjoy this trek fullest. 

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