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Kajal is the most basic and go-to makeup product a girl uses. However, not all can manage to apply it the perfect way. Are you one of those? Do not fret. Applying kajal the perfect way will become super easy once you are done reading this. Perfecting your kajal adds an extra oomph to the simplest of your looks. It may seem like a big task, but once you know the tips and tricks, it is as easy as anything can be. To achieve the kajal-rimmed gorgeous look, keep reading further.

Choose the correct kajal – 

Since kajal is a makeup product that is used daily and is very important in completing your look, you must invest in a good one. There are various factors you need to keep in mind while shopping, especially if you are buying kajal online. Make sure that the kajal you are buying has the following properties:

  • Smudge-proof: Ensure that the kajal is smudge-proof so you do not need to worry about messing your ways with kajal patches.
  • Waterproof: This is a very important factor you must note while buying a kajal so that you can use it is without worrying about it getting spoiled due to rains, tears, or sweat.
  • Long-lasting: A long-lasting kajal ensures that your look stays perfect for a good number of hours without having to touch it up time and again
  • Nourishing ingredients: a good kajal incorporates nourishing ingredients that help keep your eyes safe and healthy.

If you wish to buy a kajal online that incorporates all the above-mentioned properties, you ought to go for a Faces Canada Kajal. This brand offers a variety of kajals, each better than the next.

Pro tip: If you have sensitive eyes, it is best if you avoid glitter based kajals. This is because these glittery kajals tend to irritate your eyes and make them teary. If you experience watery eyes frequently, you should avoid these kajals too. If you are looking for a shiny finish, going for a liquid kajal is the best bet!

Applying Kajal Eyeliner the right way – 

Each of us has different ways of applying kajal, out of which some ways might be correct, and some might not. Many a time we find ourselves stuck with a messy uneven kajal that ruins our overall look. To avoid such situations, make a note of the following:

  • Clean your face and eyes properly first. Ensure that you do not have a residue of kajal from your previous day. 
  • If you have dark circles, start by applying some concealer under your eyes and blend it out evenly. This step is very important because kajal draws attention to dark circles and this step helps avoid that.
  • Next, expose your waterline properly by gently pulling your undereye area. Ensure that you do not pull with a lot of force as it may cause wrinkles under your eyes in the long run. Once you have your waterline visible, start applying your kajal from the outer corner. Use small strokes while doing this as it ensures that you get a deep and rich color.
  • To finish the look, apply some powder to your lash line. You can do this using a flat brush if you want to avoid making any smudges. If you are using a liquid kajal, wait for it to dry completely before applying the powder. 

Apply kajal in the inner corners: A big NO!

Many of you have a habit of applying kajal starting from the inner corner of your eyes to the outer corners. This is a very bad habit as this makes the pencil wet and thus decreased the precision and intensity of the kajal pencil. You can also end up spreading and ruining your look. Remember: always start from your outer eye corners and work inwards. And if possible, it is best to avoid applying kajal to your inner corners if you have small eyes. This is because by doing this you are making your eyes look smaller, and that is not something that you desire.

Intensify your look – 

If you want to intensify your kajal, make use of dark kajal eyeliner highlights. These help by adding depth to your beautiful eyes. If you want to enhance your kajal’s lost lasting power you can use this super cool trick: Before applying the kajal to your eyes, dip its tip in a gel liner pot. This will help give increase the intensity of your kajal and will make it last longer on your eyes.

In short, applying kajal is no herculean task and it takes only a few good tips and tricks for you to master the perfect kajal line. 

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