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The use of prepaid gift cards has become quite popular recently and for a good reason. Gift cards can be used for many purposes, such as giving incentives or rewards to employees. Nowadays, it is considered one of the best ways to express your gratitude to individuals affiliated with your company.

If you need to provide benefits to your clients or employees efficiently, you should consider incentive cards, such as an eftpos gift card. Here are four compelling reasons why you should use reward cards in your company.

Provides a Discrete Way of Giving Incentives

According to an article by Talk Business, recognising your employees’ contributions by giving them rewards or incentives is essential. This is why whenever you have high-performing employees, it is a must that you give them specific bonuses, like cash gifts.

However, rewarding an employee directly through physical means might create negative morale among other individuals. Fortunately, gift cards provide a better alternative.

By giving an employee a gift card, you can give them rewards or incentives discreetly. Also, some employees prefer a discrete way when receiving rewards or bonuses.

Increase Loyalty of Customers

The use of an eftpos gift card is not only beneficial to your employees, but it can also be beneficial to your existing clients or new customers. This is because it can improve loyalty and positively affect your business operations.

For instance, you can use a gift card as a means to provide cashback, rewards, or other corporate gifts to your clients whenever they refer to friends or sign up for other services. Recognizing your clients’ positive actions through incentives helps them become motivated to do business with you more and share your products or services with other people.

Provides Free Marketing and Advertising for Your Business

One of the advantages of using gift cards is that they can be customised according to your liking. It means you can use corporate branding for your gift card, which provides free advertising and marketing for your company.

For instance, whenever a customer or employee uses their gift card in a store, other individuals will see your card and spark curiosity. Other people may find it amazing that you reward individuals affiliated with your company. It can positively affect your business as it helps you gain new customers.

Provides Hassle-Free Rewards Program

One of the disadvantages of having a traditional or conventional rewards program is all the hassle involved with recording transactions and making sure that transactions are processed correctly. Fortunately, this problem does not arise with eftpos gift cards.

Eftpos gift cards are accepted in most stores in the country, which means your customer or employee won’t have any problems with their transactions. You won’t have any issues with recording transactions because they are all handled by the service company that provided you with the gift cards.


For the reasons mentioned above, giving eftpos gift cards to your customers or employees is genuinely beneficial. There is no better time to reward your employees and clients—for all the positive actions they have done for your business—than today. Check out a corporate gift card provider, and start using eftpos gift cards in your company!

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