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Air purifiers are appliances popping up in many people’s homes nowadays, especially in urban areas where the quality of the air may not be so great. Are you thinking about purchasing an air purifier smoke, but are a little skeptical as to whether or not it’s worth your money? 

Perhaps you’re wondering if they actually work – if the promises on the advertisements ring true, or are just an elaborate marketing practice. Here are the answers to your questions, to help you decide whether or not to take the leap and buy your very own air purifier: 

Are air purifiers effective? How do they work?

Yes, definitely! Air purifiers work well at cleaning the air, especially if you’re indoors. Most highly rated purifiers are proven to have the ability to capture 99.97% of harmful, breathable material in the air. 

As for how they work, there are two different ways: 

    • Filters. Filters work by breathing in the air inside the room, capturing all the pollutants, and cycling it back into the room as cleaner air. These filters are the ones responsible for capturing particulate matter. One of the best examples of a filter is the HEPA/UV-C filter, which is able to capture pollen, smoke, dust, most allergens, and even germs!
  • Charged Particles. Another type of air purifier is one which contains charged particles. One example of this is an Ionic Air purifier – it latches on to airborne particles and makes them too heavy to stay in the air. This means a lesser chance of breathing the particles in. 

Which air purifier type is better?

It all depends on personal preferences and personal health! 

The HEPA/UV-C filter fits best for households that have individuals afflicted with seasonal allergies, or live in areas which contain a large number of allergens. 

HEPA-Type filter purifiers capture fewer allergens but still capture harmful particulate matter like smoke, lint, and dust. If you don’t have any allergies – this is a great option, especially because of the lower price tag. 

Ionic Air Purifiers are best for households with already relatively clean air. These purifiers make dust no longer breathable – they make them heavy and attracted to surfaces like the floor and tables, but don’t usually suck in these particles from the air. The benefit of these is that they’re low maintenance because there are no filters to change. 

Are air purifiers useful? Are they good for you?

The answer to this question is a big yes. Mileage in terms of gauged benefit may vary – a person living in a rural area with clean air will benefit less than somebody in a congested city. However, wherever you may reside, the air purifier is still a big help to one’s respiratory health. 

Even if you aren’t asthmatic, allergic, or have a health condition – an air purifier is still very beneficial. Indoor air can actually be more polluted than outdoor air at times. This is because of household items like cleaning supplies, smoke from cooking, and fur from our pets. Air purifiers are a great investment for everybody, and the long term lung and health benefits from breathing in clean air every day will be more than worth the cost. 

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