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Every couple want their big day to be special and different. A day when memories are made forever, some couples just won’t settle for average. Perhaps they are thrill-seekers, extreme sports enthusiasts or haven’t found the venue that inspires them. Here are some of the more unusual places where couples have said ‘I do’.

If you don’t mind wrapping up well and some physical exertion, why not marry at the Mount Everest base camp like one couple from California who married in March 2016 at a height of 17,600 feet. They even made the effort to wear formal wedding attire and took along an adventure photographer to capture the incredible moments. The couple spent a fortnight at the camp to acclimatise to the harsh conditions and had previously trained for a year in order to climb the mountain.

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For height of a different nature, why not try getting hitched on the wing of a plane! An adventurous couple in 2008 decided to hold their nuptials on the wings of three different aircraft at 1,000 feet above ground. The bride was dressed in full bridal attire and stood on the wing of one plane, while the groom stood on the wing of another plane. They even managed to find a brave vicar who flew on the wing of a third aircraft and married the couple via an air communication system! The vows were also broadcast to the crowds gathered below at Rendcomb Airfield in Gloucestershire.

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You might fancy a winter wedding, but this is taking the cold theme one step further! A couple in Russia took the ultimate plunge by getting wed in the icy cold waters of the Enisei River in Siberia. The water was a heart-stopping -30 degrees Celsius! The groom was a member of the local ice-swimming club, but the bride was less taken with the idea. She did it though, such is love! Techie couples can follow the lead of an American couple who married inside one of Apple’s stores. Both were obsessed with Apple products, so exchanged vows in the New York store with a priest dressed as Steve Jobs. The couple first met in the store and celebrated by reading their vows from iPhones and their rings placed on an iPod.

The thrill of the race is something most people couldn’t turn down as a once in a lifetime experience or even once a month but if you really want to go why not do it on your honeymoon or on your big day.  If You want to go to an F1 Paddock Club Belgium event just look at links like to get your tickets.

Why have someone walk you down the aisle when you can fly yourself with a jetpack? This was the dream of one bride who flew across the sea before landing at her ceremony on the shores of Newport Beach in California. The groom also arrived via jetpack on what is thought to be the first jetpack wedding in history. Even though they wore shorts and wetsuits, a nod to tradition came with the inclusion of a white bow tie and a veil for the bride.

Thrill seekers might choose a rollercoaster on which to pledge their love for one another. One couple in America decided to right the tallest rollercoaster on earth immediately after exchanging vows. What a fun way to start the ups and downs of married life together!

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