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The dining table is an important part of any eating area. However, its purpose should not be limited to mealtimes alone. The dining table is also a statement piece which contributes to the aesthetics of a home. Its design and quality are vital in enhancing beauty and its usability in the house. The aesthetics of the dining table contributes to the dining experience and accentuates the place in which it is placed. Therefore, a lot of thought must be incorporated in creating this essential asset.

Nothing adds uniqueness and appeal to the house like recycled, salvaged and repurposed live edge dining tables. The live edge style is a combination of western and rustic styles. The style fits well into both contemporary and traditional interior design settings. It adds a natural feel to the modern furniture because the live edge portion of the wood is raw.

Live edge dining tables are only as good as the quality of material used and the expertise employed to create them. The wood slab must be seasoned well to increase its durability. Dining tables with a live edge are custom pieces since each slab comes with the wood’s original shape.

The wood slab is handmade because of its natural features must be preserved. The overall shape of the table follows the configuration of the live edge. Each table is hand finished as well. Every detail is meticulously incorporated to create stunning pieces.

The untouched portion of the live edge furniture is not worked on by woodwork tools. With experts working on the furniture piece, the resulting product will become an exceptional asset in any home or even in an office.

The live edges leave a lasting impression in the way it seamlessly exists with the worked-on portion of the wood slab. Furthermore, each dining table has its own dimensions and shape contributing to the uniqueness of every created piece.

The wood slabs come from quality hardwood such as walnut, maple, oak, ebony, cherry, or redwood collected from all over the world. The woods are reclaimed and not cut from their natural habitats.

The salvaged wood can also be fitted with recycled metal adding to furniture’s beauty and uniqueness. The table’s asymmetrical tops are an art statement and go well with handmade chairs to complement the live edge look.

The live edge look is perfect for modern and contemporary style motifs. It is an important part of interior design adding a rustic and natural feel to the overall decor. All live edge furniture are custom pieces. Each piece carries the essence of the original wood. Customers can also determine the custom features (wood, design details, metals and so forth) they want in a custom order.

Owning a custom furniture piece has been made easy and affordable for customers. With a simple phone call to talk about design specifics, an expert craftsperson can create a custom live edge dining table complete with custom legs and chairs. The product can then be delivered into the customer’s house without any hassle.

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