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Online Poker

Poker is a fun game, but it can also be dangerous. One of the biggest dangers is developing an addiction or becoming a gambling addict.

Addiction is an emotional state. The addict tries to reach this “high” through certain behaviors. Gambling, drug use, drinking, sex, compulsive shopping, even texting can be addictive if left unchecked.


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Gambling In The Blood

Some people become addicted to their genes. Research has shown that children with alcoholism are more likely to become alcoholics. Stress is a major external factor that can lead to addiction, and the presence of other mental illnesses can also increase a person’s chances of developing an addiction.

Gambling addiction is similar to drug or alcohol addiction in that the gambler gets as “high” as a drug user when using drugs or alcohol.

When this effect is achieved, the addict builds up resistance. This leads to an increase in addictive behavior because it requires more experiences, such as gambling, drinking alcohol, and taking illegal drugs, to achieve the same emotional level.


Instant Gratification Can Be Harmful

If you have an addictive personality, be careful when playing poker or participating in other types of risk and reward gambling activities (such as playing lottery tickets or betting on sporting events). .. Addictive personality signs are those who act impulsively, are constantly looking for new emotions, or are deemed unsuitable.

Quick feedback that occurs in a gambling context can quickly turn entertainment into a compulsive prize pursuit. There, you cannot voluntarily leave the activity, with detrimental consequences, from the loss of large sums of money to disruption of relationships.

According to the Psychology Today article, gambling in particular can be addictive due to the fast pace of gambling. “Rapid feedback that occurs in a gambling context can quickly turn entertainment into compulsive reward pursuits, where you can’t voluntarily leave the activity and spend a lot of money to cut ties. Losing money has dangerous consequences.”

Online poker, where players can play multiple tables at once, is a hotbed of addiction, with almost constant action. On some sites players can open up to eight tables at once, and the play is three times faster than live poker.

Texas Hold’em online hands take only 40 seconds to play, including hands for combat. In live poker, even with automatic shufflers, one hand can take at least 2 minutes to play and face-to-face hands can take up to 5 minutes.

This doesn’t mean you can’t get addicted to live poker and online poker. It simply means that the element of immediate gratification may not be widespread. Many other addictive factors still exist in live poker.


How do I know if I am a poker addict?

The National Council on Gambling Addiction defines gambling addiction as “any pattern of gambling addiction that harms, interferes with, or harms an individual, family, or professional activity.” The NCPG definition contains several important features. The need to increase the stakes. Sensitivity when trying to stop; more bets to make up for losses. And even though the negative consequences are growing, we can’t stop our actions.

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