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Area Code 856 Discussing About the Telephone Code of Southwest New Jersey

Area code 856 is a telephone area code in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) covering New Jersey’s southern region. The NPA encompasses Camden, Cherry Hill, and Vineland, as well as a tiny portion of Willingboro Township and the western portion of Burlington County. 856 is coextensive with the Philadelphia metropolitan area’s New Jersey side. Let’s discuss about Area Code 856 in detail:

What Area Code is 856?

  • In 1947, the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T) established a countrywide telephone numbering plan for use in Operator Toll Dialing, which subsequently evolved into the North American Numbering Plan and the whole state of New Jersey was assigned area code 201.
  • With the first trial of Direct Distance Dialing (DDD), the area code made its debut in customer-dialed communication in 1951. The area code was founded in 1999 as a result of the separation of area code 609. The administration separated the state into two numbering scheme areas in 1956.
  • It is keeping 201 for the northern section and 609 for the southern part. However, until 1963, no area codes were required for all calls between the two numbering plan areas. With growing demand for telephone numbers from businesses, as well as increased use of fax machines, pagers, and cell phones, area code 609’s numbering limit was reached.
  • Bell Atlantic announced the area code 856 location in March 1999, and the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities authorized it shortly after. On June 12, 1999, the new area code went into effect. On November 13, 1999, a five-month permissive dialing period ended, during which seven-digit dialing was still authorized.

What Country is the Area Code 856?

Laos has the country code +856. This means that if you dial or receive a call from a phone number in Laos, this prefix will be used. In turn, international prefixes may start with 00 or the “+” symbol, followed by the phone number associated with the cell phone you want to call. Both are the same, thus if you receive a call from a phone that begins with the area code +856 or 00856, it is from Laos.

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Is the country code +856 always the same?

  • Yes, the 856 area code location always refers to the same location. In other words, each call made from any part of Laos to a foreign phone number will always be answered by a call from the same area code 856.
  • Older phones do not automatically indicate the country and specific location from whence the call was made, however, modern phones do. As a result, the answer to the question Where is the country code +856? is Laos.

How can People Contact a Phone Number in Laos from Abroad?

To call Laos from another country, enter the international area code (+856) followed by the phone number (8 to 9 numbers). [Phone number] +856

Salient Features of 856 Area Code

Call transmission, voicemail the transcription process, IVR menus, and call analytics are every benefit of a virtual number in the 856 area code Vineland.

  1. Communication

Calls, SMS messages, and faxes can all be received on your virtual number, allowing for effective and convenient communication.

  1. Call Recording

Incoming and outgoing calls should be recorded for quality assurance, training, and regulatory compliance.

  1. Time-Based Routing

Calls can be routed based on periods or business hours in Area code 856, guaranteeing efficient call handling.

  1. Scalability

Scale your interaction needs easily as your company grows, without the trouble of changing phone numbers.

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Advantages of Virtual Number in 856 Area Code

A virtual telephone in the 856 area code Vineland aids in the establishment of a local presence, the expansion of reach, and the improvement of customer communication.

  1. Expand Reach

Reach out to Area code 856 customers to increase your business opportunities beyond your physical presence.

  1. Cost-Effective

Virtual numbers like Area code 856 are less expensive than traditional phone systems since they do not require physical infrastructure or maintenance.

  1. Professional Image

With a dedicated virtual number, you can provide a professional image to customers while also improving the reputation of your company.

  1. Call Management

Call forwarding, voicemail, and call routing is important. It helps the users to manage incoming calls more effectively.

Reasons To Choose Area Code 856 as Your Virtual Number Provider

  • These are convincing reasons for you to consider using the services of My Country Mobile for your virtual numbers. The platform ensures that they are very huge, extensive, strong, and dependable thus guaranteeing world communication. Leverage on their great APIs, intuitive UIs, and comprehensive functionality.
  • It lets you customize your virtual number solutions to suit your company’s specific requirements. Experience world class customer service at affordable rates while working with a reliable partner in enhancing your communication systems as you drive your business forward.

Benefits of using 856 Area Code Services

Having My Country Mobile’s 856 area code Vineland services means you will enjoy wide range, dependable operations, feature rich solutions, scalability, affordable cost, dedicated support, advanced analytic tools, international outreach, as well as proven record.

  1. Extensive Coverage

My Country Mobile covers your area code 856 Vineland so that you can focus on growing locally, reaching your customers within your means.

  1. Reliable Performance

My Country Mobile’s modern infrastructure and network ensure reliable and superior quality of voice calls with crystal clarity and no disturbances.

  1. Competitive Pricing

Competitive prices make it possible to access the blessings of the virtual number from 856 Area code Vincent via My Country Mobile.

  1. API Integration

My Country Mobile has powerful API which will allow for easy integration of their various services in your already running business systems or apps ensuring efficiencies in operation.


In a nutshell, area code 856 gave telephone numbers central office code 988. It is before October 2021. In October of 2022, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline received authorization of 988 as a calling code. The country as a whole. This is why there is a disagreement in exchanges. It allows 7-digit dialing. Therefore, this became Zone NANPA for converting to ten-digit dialing on 24th October 2021.

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