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One of my favorite things to do when I’m watching a concert is to learn the background and history behind the artists on the stage. Like how did the band form? How long has the vocalist been singing or what’s the drummer’s story.

 Many times, you’ll learn some of the most fascinating and inspirational stories come from individuals who particularly don’t want to always been in the spotlight. People who just have an incredible talent that they want to share with the world. For me and so many others, HUTCH is that musician. 

 Hailee, also known as HUTCH, has been playing the drums for as long as she can remember. As a snowboarder, drummer, music producer and rock music aficionado, HUTCH has generated an outstanding following on social media by showcasing her journey through music and touring.

 Whether it’s posting a brand new single she helped create or a tour photo with popular artist L.A. Salami, HUTCH is living life to the fullest by doing what she loves every single day and has accumulated a steady fan base following across social media even during the pandemic across Instagram.

 With punchy yet smooth drumming capabilities,HUTCH is bringing back one of the most important elements to the drum kit: passion.

 Some of the greatest talents stems from such humble beginnings; HUTCH’s upbringing wasn’t any different.

 She grew up listening to classic rock with her dad and she remembers listening to Michael Jackson and other artists during the 80s & 90s era while growing up. Her passion for drums began when she was only 7 years old; her older cousin had a music room with an old drum kit.

 HUTCH would then go on to play with School of Rock for many years, play numerous concerts, and also complete two summer programs at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

 The story of how she became the drummer for L.A. Salami sums up the type of down to earth person HUTCH truly is:

 “He liked one of my photos on Instagram, and I slid in his DMs and told him I liked his dreads. Then he asked me if I would be his drummer for upcoming American tour dates. I said yes, and it all just went from there.”

 The sincerity, authenticity, and rawness of HUTCH is something that we need more of on social media. Unlike other accounts with large followings, HUTCH actually cares about her growing fanbase and regularly responds and engages with the people who support her musical journey.

 With a brand new website portfolio and new music on the way, make sure to stay up to date with HUTCH’s journey; I promise it’s going to be an exciting one.

 Follow HUTCH: @hutchthehutchings


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