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Once anyone passes away, it’s a common tradition to pay tribute on their funeral to make it memorable. It’s about respecting the deceased person through rituals that may help his/her soul rest in peace. People get confused as to what tribute would be the best and long-lasting Keepsake for the close ones of the deceased. 

Whatever it is, you have to decide according to the individual and the situation in which the recognition is being paid. This is what we are here for. While you combine all the facts and figures, you can get an idea from the following types of funeral tributes. 

Types of Funeral Tributes

Funeral tributes are usually presented according to the relationship you had with the deceased. So, if you can relate any of the ones mentioned below, go for it. 

  • Eulogy

It’s a type of written list of praises for the deceased. For the one who is presenting it, it’s best to give it to the family member who is the closest. A close friend is also the appropriate person, depending on the situation. 

  • Themed 

Funeral tributes can be themed by remodelling the environment around. It can be according to what the deceased loved. For example, if the person was a nature lover, you can probably turn the place into a type of jungle. 

  • Engraving a Scripture or a Poem

Sometimes the person might not find soothing words to say in a funeral. So, a poem or a scripture engraved in the picture of the deceased would be an excellent way for remembrance. 

  • Slideshow

Holding a slideshow with all the pictures of the deceased but also put together all your memories. It’s a great way to address every loved one who attends the funeral. 

  • Using Candles

Candles are a great way to pay special tribute to the deceased. These candles can be given to the immediate loved ones. You can also personalize these candles to a specific theme. 

  • Funeral Bifolds

Funeral bifolds include a special message printed on a card that can be preserved as a Keepsake for the remembrance of the deceased. It is also useful in inviting people through attractive funeral program template packages. You have the option to choose high-quality funeral tribute bifolds that look amazing. It’s the ideal way to say goodbye, along with some memorable moments to cherish.

  • Story Recitation

You can recite a story about the deceased that is emotional and light-hearted. All close ones can really look forward to your story about the deceased and know about his/her life. You can talk about his life, childhood, career and the teachings that he/she told. 

  • Final Resolution

In the end, you can recite the final resolution and convey his/her relationship with the lord. It’s about saying the final goodbye. 

In the end, make sure that the funeral tribute is all about remembrance other than saying goodbye. 


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