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Timber Frame Essex

Timber Frame Essex:

Timber Frame Essex is an exceptional choice for a new unique house or expansion of houses, bungalows, or flats. Komplex Timberworks LTD has many years of practice building special kit homes or bigger scale developments connecting housing, schools, hotels, and hospital structures. We offer a complete Timber Framing service. We can help you with each phase of your timber framing project from the initial design through the building stage to the final floating and finishing of the Timber Frame Essex.

The projects Timber Structures are elaborate with differ from small porches, extensions to barn adaptations, and commercial projects like factories and supermarkets. We offer ideal timber constructions for your specific requirements, built to the uppermost quality and highest standards of workmanship by our expert carpenters. Timber Structures are steadfast in joining the traditional values of superb craftsmanship with the modern technologies obtainable in materials and design.

Whilst there is an introduction period essential for procurement of design and manufacture the assistances increased offset using traditional approaches of building for the following details;

  • Fast and well-organized build times
  • Measured construction procedure eradicating waste on site
  • Detailed drawing images at an early phase of the design process
  • One-stop provider/erector for main building structure
  • Good lining properties (warm environment) within the finished building
  • Maintainable construction

Types of timber frames:

There are a wide variety of sorts of Timber Frame Essex truss that can used. The mainstream of these can be alienated into “closed” or “open” trusses.

A closed truss has the procedure of a triangle, the horizontal member of the triangle is termed the tie-beam which is linked into two angled members named the main beams. With an “open” truss the parallel member is episodic with other members such as crucks or sling-braces.

The main purpose of the trusses is to glance the tons on the roof to the wall post who then straight the freight to the foundations. The horizontal member, the tie beams’ main drive is to avert the walls from existence pushed separately by the weight of the roof.

Closed trusses

The closed trusses can be divided into two types the queen posts truss and the kingposts truss.

Queen posts truss

The queen posts truss has the form of a triangle with two curved members running from the principal beams to the tie-beam.

Kingpost truss

The kingpost truss has a three-sided shape with a perpendicular member called the king-post in the center running from the tie-beam to the edge. This sort of truss is used to make frames with larger spans. The king-post stops the tie-beam from sagging.

Open trusses

The open trusses can be subdivided into several kinds, arch brace truss, episodic tie-beam truss, sling braces truss, and crucks.

Arch braces truss

Arch braces trusses are invented of two principal rafters linked with a collar. Below the collar, there are two coiled full braces modular into the collar and beams.


​It is also a dynamic factor that if you are dealing with distant timber-related work dealers. They may be rigid about the precise timing and obtainability of the timber at a specific time. We are the best and vast traders of timberwork, this is the motive we can offer you with quality timberwork in every season. We are always obtainable with our professional team to help you get the best of the best. Our specialists respond as soon as possible so that there are no delays in the work. Our up-to-date techniques and modern equipment help us offer the best services in no time. This way, there will be no complaints about the postponement in the work.

Timber Varieties:

​We are specialists in dealing with timber of each type. Our team can offer you services for every kind of timber. We are not the one who deals with only one or two sorts of timbers. Our experience has maintained us due to which we are the specialists and best in this field. There is not one definite timber work, you can select for any of your selections. Komplex Timberworks LTD is a known company in Essex and associated areas for the type of quality work we offer. No one in our field can beat us in his favor. Our prices accompaniment our practice this is why we are the number one choice of people.

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