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You deserve a dazzling white smile and a laugh with self-confidence. However, having yellow, spotted, or stained teeth might make you less confident. The good news is that KoR whitening Houston procedure can help you whiten your stained teeth to achieve the smile you have always wanted. When combined with at-home dental care, the procedure makes your smile whiter, brighter, and more attractive. So, how does it work, and should you consider it? Here is everything you need to know about the KOR teeth whitening procedure. 

What Exactly Is KöR Whitening?

This is a cosmetic procedure that enhances the appearance of your smile. KöR whitening utilizes a proprietary whitening gel that restores the ability of your teeth to absorb oxygen molecules. Improving the ability of your teeth to absorb oxygen enables them to eliminate discolored or stained molecules.

What Occurs During KöR Whitening Procedure?

This outpatient treatment lightens your smile sixteen times in one treatment session. The dentist starts the procedure by covering your gums and tongue with a protective sheet. Your dentist then carefully applies KöR whitening gel to your teeth’ surface. This gel is absorbed by your teeth’ enamel immediately. Once in the enamel, the gel reactivates the ability of your enamel to absorb more oxygen.

This process breaks down the discoloration and stains, making your smile brighter. Your dentist will repeat this procedure several times until you achieve your desired results. You will also be given a tooth whitening kit to take home to help maintain your results. The home kit consists of a bottle of KöR whitening gel and two removable mouthpieces. 

Why Should You Consider KöR?

There are many reasons for trying KöR whitening treatments. To start with, it can be tandemly used with other smile-improving therapies such as Invisalign. The fact that you can also use it at home is an added advantage as it prolongs the whitening between other professional treatments.

Another reason you should go for KöR is that it has little to no adverse effects compared to traditional whitening treatments. The traditional procedures can be harsh and increase your sensitivity. Even more, the KöR whitening results are long-lasting and immediate. Generally, you only require one in-office treatment to achieve your desired results. Your teeth will remain white for years with good dental care and regular at-home treatment.

Other Factors to Consider

Although KöR whitening is significant, there are several things you should consider before you book your appointment. You might need to wear a night gel tray for around two weeks after the whitening treatment. While this maximizes the results, the night gel trays can be irritating or uncomfortable. KöR whitening treatment might not be possible if you have severe dental problems such as gum disease or decay.

Healthy, white teeth are a thing to smile about, and KOR whitening makes it highly attainable. The KOR whitening system provides an innovative and unique solution that stands apart from the rest. It gives revolutionary, predictable, consistent, and easy-to-maintain revolutionary results. No other procedure can restore teeth by effectively absorbing the bleaching agents. Consult your dentist for advice on whether the procedure is the best.

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