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Some say that Audiobooks – The best way to grab knowledge in minutes and I totally agree with it. Someone may not agree with and argue that books are the best way to get knowledge but we are talking about the source which is fast and performs this work in minutes. Books definitely are a great source of knowledge but to read a complete book you need a lot of time. Completing a full book of nearly 200-300 in minutes pages is truly a superhuman task and not everyone is a superhero. When talking about Audiobooks, one should know what an audiobook is? As you might have made an assumption by the name itself, an audiobook is an audio recording of a book. They are mostly the summary of the book in which the presenters of these audiobooks keep in mind to put all the important information that an author has mentioned in his book. 


You might think that preferring audiobooks over books might put a negative effect on your efficiency of gaining knowledge from it, but believe me it is not so. To prove this an experiment was conducted by Beth Rogowsky, an associate professor of education at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. She assigned one group a task to listen to the audiobook of Unbroken, a nonfiction book about World War II by Laura Hillenbrand, while the other group had to read the book. After all this, a quiz was conducted between these two groups to analyse how much they have absorbed the information in the book and results were quite similar. They found no significant differences in comprehension between reading and listening. On the basis of this experiment it would be wrong if I say that audiobooks don’t affect your efficiency to grab the information and thus, they are the quickest source to grab knowledge. 


Audiobooks are beneficial in many ways as they are easily accessible. There are many platforms on the internet that provide services for audiobooks, while some platforms charge for such services, many provide these services for free. You can revise them again and again. This is not possible with books as reading too many pages again may irritate you, but with audiobooks this is an easy task due to their comparably short length you can revise them anytime you want. As we just discussed, length of audiobooks is another reason which adds to their benefits. Average length of an audiobook is around 50 minutes which means you can get most knowledge from a book in very few times. Easy accessibility is another advantage of audiobooks. You can access some platforms like KuKu FM anywhere and anytime. You can listen to the best audiobooks anywhere, it can be your daily traveling bus or your bed. Audiobooks can provide fast learning, how, let me explain. You can increase the speed of audio to 1.5x to 2x which surely cannot be done in traditional books. It can surely save your time as you can multitask with this. You can complete your other works while listening to any audiobook. Audiobooks can be very effective as they are mostly focused on the central idea and main points of the book. I think I have convinced you enough that audiobooks can be very effective to learn something. 


Now a question may arise: which is most probable where to find best audiobooks? Audiobooks are not very hard to find. You can make a Google search to find any audiobook that you wish to listen to. There are many platforms which provide these services like audiobooks and some provide these services for free. If you do not know any such platform, I will tell you one. KuKu FM is one such platform which provides services like audiobooks, podcasts for free. This is available as an app on Google Play Store and you can also access it through any browser. You can listen to the best audiobooks in many different languages, like Hindi audiobooks, on this platform. They can be downloaded and shared for free from this platform. Don’t wait much, search for the best audiobook you wish to listen to and start learning as well as enjoying now.

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