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Today, almost all emojis are all faces, parts of bodies like hands, ears, mouths, and more. But there are some emojis that are more like real people. They have been designed and made to look and act like a natural person. These emoticons have been made this way so that one can understand what they are saying.

These emoticons have proven their existence to be helpful to humankind in this era. They are not used so much since some are too comical, but some are being used in real life. Here are some of those handy emoticons and their closer gestures to being human than the others.

Person Shrugging Emoji

The person shrugging emoji or the idk emoji is an emoticon with both his hands raised flat facing the sky and posted beside its head like he’s implementing that he has no idea what they are talking about without saying even a word to them. This can also avoid misunderstandings. 

Another way to use the person shrugging emoji or the idk emoji is when you do not want to speak with a particular person, and they keep on asking some questions and just mainly to annoy you. You can use and send this emoji to that person as a substitute if you do not want to offend them by saying that you don’t want to talk with them.

Person Gesturing OK Emoji

The person gesturing OK is an emoji of a man with his hands in the air, making the letter “O,” and of course, there is also a woman version of this emoji if you prefer it. This emoji was designed and made to represent a man agreeing with what they just said. 

Yes, there are not many people who would do this, but there are still some of them that prefer to use this as another way of saying “OK.” But this emoji can prove useful in different ways. One other way to use this is to express that you are just joyful. Most religious people also use this since it can be a gesture of faith for their religions.

Person Tipping hand Emoji

The person tipping hand is an emoji with one hand raised on the side of its head as if he/she is flipping her hair or carrying a tray. This emoji can also be used in both man and woman versions. People use this emoji in many other ways, but they often do this whenever they want to be a little snide to who they’re talking to.

Deaf Person Emoji

The deaf person emoji is mostly used to let other people know that they should not call because they cannot hear them. This emoji is a human gesturing its index finger between its ear and mouth. This is also a deaf sign language, as stated in the American Sign Language or the ASL.

Person Bowing Emoji

The person bowing emoji or as the Japanese would call it, “dogeza” is an emoticon of a bowing man, most commonly used to request someone’s enormous favor or express a sincere apology. Some emoji versions are also being misinterpreted as lying down, having a massage, or even doing push-ups.

This emoji is also used as a sign of respect to someone or a religion. Since this is a bowing person emoji, you can also send this to let them know that you are praying or inviting them to pray with you.

Person Facepalming Emoji

This emoji is an emoticon of a person with its hand on its face, representing a facepalm. Many people use this emoji whenever they see or hear something wrong and want to express their emotions as if they are embarrassed for that person. This emoticon can also be paired and substituted to the SMH or shaking my head emoji.

Woman Cook Emoji

This emoji is a picture of a woman in a chef’s uniform as if she is ready to cook something. The woman/man cooking emoji can speak for itself. Whenever you send or receive this emoji, this can only mean one thing: that person is good at cooking and is ready to cook. There are also two versions of this emoji, the woman cook and the man cook.


Emojis have been designed to make things easier for people to express and show how they feel about others. But there are limits to them. That is why these human gestures emoticons have been made. To fill up those gaps that the face and other emojis cannot fill. 

They have already filled a big part of the lives of humankind, especially in this modern-day technology. That is why the creators should not remove these emojis even if people don’t use this often; instead, they should add more of these awesome emoticons.

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